The Alphabet Game

I love playing the alphabet game.  It’s my favorite diversion during a long hike and even after a taxing round of “foreign cities,” I’m always up for more (unfortunately, whomever I’m hiking with is usually over the game by that point)!  So, during all my New Year’s reflection and goal planning, I came up with the idea of playing the alphabet game on myself.  I thought, “Why not think of as many words as I can that either describe myself or are subjects I’m interested in, then make that my first blog post and readers can use it to get to know me and what types of things I might write about?”

So, here it is.  My own little alphabet game:

A:  adventures, attached parenting, alternative education

B:  baby-wearing, bread baking, bean eating, bed-sharing, breastfeeding, baking, books

C:  Christian, co-sleeping, crunchy, crochet, camping, cloth diapers, coach, cyclist, child-led weaning, clothesline, creative, colorful, cook

D:  delightful daughter, dependable

E:  energizing, earthy, eccentric, education, encourager, emerging movement

F:  family fun, Florida native, frugal

G:  grateful, garden, granola, genuine, God, grain grinding, gentle parenting, games

H:  holistic health, healthy eating, hiker, homebody, husband, homemaker, homemade

I:  ice skater, introvert, intentional, Italian, Italian Greyhounds

J:  joyful, juicing, Jesus

K:  keep things real, kayaks

L:  love, lists, languages, line-dryer, local food

M:  mama, marriage, movie-watcher

N:  natural parenting, nature

O:  optimistic, open-minded, organized, order, organic, only child

P:  planner, painting, positive parenting, photography, prayer, puzzles

Q:  quinoa-lover, quiet

R:  rustic, rainbows, redhead, reading

S:  silliness, sewing, skinny, skating coach, Subaru-owner

T:  traveling, tutor, teacher

U:  uplifting, upcycling, unschooling

V:  veggie-lover, vaccination-chooser, voracious reader

W:  why not, walking, wifey, water & wine

X:  xenophile

Y:  yarn-worker, yard

Z:  zany, zippy

I think that’s a pretty decent start.  I’m sure I’ll think of things to add as time goes on, or maybe my interests will change and I’ll want to remove some items.  It will be interesting to look back on this list in a year to see what’s changed.

My challenge to you is to play the alphabet game on yourself and write it down somewhere.  If you’d feel comfortable sharing it here, I’d love to read it.  Otherwise, just keep it somewhere for yourself and revisit it occasionally.  And if you know me and think of something I should add, let me know!