Get Kids Moving with Fun Feelings Action Cards

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This is a fun activity that we did to go along with our focus on feelings during Gv's Latticed Learning time.

We'd all fallen in love with the book The Way I Feel during our month-long camping trip this past summer, so I knew I wanted to come up with a companion activity for it when Gv and I spent time learning more about feelings later in the year.

When the Barnyard Dance Animal Action Dice Game I created recently went over so big, I decided to do something similar to match up with emotions.

I again slipped these cards into my really cool pocket cubes from my classroom, but you could easily display them on a pocket chart or use them like a deck of cards.

After unwittingly teaching Gv how to "cheat" with the die last time, I decided to just show her all of the cube faces first and model the appropriate action and expression for each one so that she'd know what to do.

I've described a particular physical way to act out each feeling, but feel free to cut that part off and come up with your own action if there's a way that makes more sense to you.  And if one of my descriptions is confusing, just ask me about it in the comments - you'll see that some are going to sound pretty quirky.

After our practice session, we rolled the dice.  Not only did Gv act out each action, but she made Minnie do it, as well:




I can see us really using these dice for a long time - it's been amazing to see how well Gv can identify her feelings (most often sad, frustrated, and happy) ever since we first read The Way I Feel this summer.  Because of that, I think these dice will really help her continue to expand her emotional vocabulary.

I even stuck a set in a pocket chart (if you don't have one, it's no big deal - just post the pages up as mini-posters somewhere like the fridge).  That way, they can cue Gv when she's searching for the right description for how she feels at a particular time.

I'm sharing this resource with you today - just print out the free printable, cut out the feelings squares, and stick them in your own handy-dandy set of pocket dice.  Don't have a set of super-cool dice, you say?  No problem.  Just adhere these little people to each side of a square tissue box (like this) or make your own cube out of cardstock.

Click here to download your FREE printable.

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  1. Hello! Is there any way you can share the emotion cards in a printable PDF version? Thanks!