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Latticed Learning by Week:

  • Week 1 - Focusing on the Creation story, the letter A, a food theme and more
  • Week 2 - Where you'll see what we did with Adam & Eve, the letter B, and a spotlight on school, toys, and play
  • Week 3 - Prepare to get wet, because we talk about Noah, the letter C, and life cycles this week
  • Week 4 - Put on your hard hat as we build all sorts of things while learning about the Tower of Babel, then explore pets, responsibility & chores along with the letter D
  • Week 5 - Learning about Abraham, animals and the letter E - this week was loads of fun!
  • Week 6 - This week is all about ME (and my family, friends, and home), as well as learning about Isaac, Jacob & Esau and the letter F
  • Week 7 - This week was jam-packed with learning about Joseph, farms, and the letter G
  • Week 8 -  Our focus this week was on Moses, feelings, monsters and the letter H
  • Week 9 - We're on the move as we learn about The Exodus, polar lands and animals and the letter I
  • Week 10 - This week introduces us to the 10 Commandments, motion/forces/sports and the letter J
  • Week 11 - The walls tumble down as we learn about Joshua and the letter K helps introduce us to marsupials and Australia
  • Week 12 - This is the week that we cover the Judges and learn a bit about the fruit of the Spirit and positive character traits, as well as the letter L
  • Week 13 - Follow along as we learn about Ruth, the letter M, and the human body.
  • Week 14Slay that giant with a focus on Saul and young David, then use the 5 senses to explore the world and the letter N. 
  • Week 15 - This week we focus on King David, Psalm 23, all things ocean and the letter O.  Oh!  And Christmas crafts aplenty!
  • Week 16 - Here come the dinosaurs!  Also, meet King Solomon and learn the letter P.
  • Week 17 - A fiery chariot, 50 nifty states, and the letter Q.
  • Week 18 - Esther and all things art!
  • Week 19 - Stay cool while learning about the fiery furnace and then blast off as we explore all things space.
  • Week 20 - Hang out with Daniel in the lion's den, then get around a bit more by learning all about transportation.
  • Week 21 - Get swallowed up by a big fish like Jonah and find out all about the weather this week.
  • Week 22 - Meet little baby Jesus and then celebrate with all things music!
  • Week 23 - Learn a little about Jesus as a little boy, then explore Earth Science.
  • Week 24 - Jesus gets baptized - and we delve into the worlds of different careers and community helpers.
  • Week 25 - Find out who gets chosen to be Jesus' disciples and then get exposed to the concept of time (including days of the week & months of the year).
  • Week 26 - Be amazed by Jesus's early miracles, then get wild investigating zoos.
  • Week 27 - A mountain sermon and bugs, bugs, bugs!
  • Week 28 - Gape with wonder as Jesus calms the storm and then get wild as we explore a jungle and rainforest theme!
  • Week 29 - Walk on the water with Jesus and then take flight as we learn about birds.
  • Week 30 - Parables and ponds are the focus for this week!
  • Week 31 - Jesus' life just prior to Easter and feel the heat as we learn about deserts, Africa, and bats.
  • Week 32 - Holy Week and bunches of bunnies for a week fitting for Easter all around.
  • Week 33 - Jesus appears and ascends to heaven, then we take a look around us to examine different types of structures and architecture.
  • Week 34 - Learning about the early church and general science explorations.
  • Week 35 - Getting to know the Apostle Paul while playing around with math concepts.
  • Week 36 - A tiny introduction to Revelation and general history overview.
  • Wrapping up the Year
  • Summertime Fun

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