Top Learning Tools: General Learning Sites Edition

Looking for a few great, overall learning sites to keep your kids busy this summer?

Or maybe you'd like to find something to supplement your homeschooling or after-school study hours during the year. Check out this list of sites that your kids will love!

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Do you remember my "Top Learning Tools" series? Well, even though I'd shared my posts on the alphabetreading, and math, I'd had one planned out for general learning sites that I completely forgot to post!

It all worked out, however, because several of you have been asking me recently about which websites I think are best for overall learning. 

Here are five of my favorites -- helpful for letting your little ones loose on in the summer during those times when you just need a little break or even great for the school year, too.

These sites range from lighter to more serious material, but they're all Gv-tested and the ones that she wants to spend her screen time on the most.

1.  Starfall

I used this in my classroom and loved it, so knew I'd introduce Gv to it quickly.  It covers not only reading, but math, holidays, songs, and more.  

You can access the entire alphabet as well as some other activities online for free from a computer and can also buy the full app for fun on the go (there's a free version of the app, too, but it's a bit more limited).

BUT, be sure to check and see if your child's school has a subscription to this site -- if they do, then your child can be set up with an account that will provide access to everything at home, for free!

2.  ABCmouse

You can purchase a subscription to this fantastic, covers-everything site that feels more like play than learning, but before you do, be sure to check with your child's school or your local library to see if you can enjoy it for free.  

Most libraries seem to be offering it for free on-site -- you don't even need a library card and can access it from your own devices as long as you're on the library property!

3.  PBS Kids

This is honestly what we use the most in our house. We all enjoy about an hour of tv-watching in the evenings to unwind and so while G and I watch whatever show we're binge-watching from the library at the moment, Gv gets to do something on this site.

Sometimes she does games, sometimes she just watches one of her favorite shows, but everything is really engaging and entertaining for her and we've been amazed at the types of things she's learned from it.

4. Core Knowledge

I'd used books like this one back when I first started teaching in the classroom and found them really helpful. In the time since then, I've discovered that there are some wonderful, free resources available on the website that anyone can access.

Click on over to explore what they have as a free download for language arts, history and science -- but don't get overwhelmed! There are more resources offered than you'll be able to use, so just peruse them all and use what works for you and your family!

5. MobyMax

This is one site that I don't even feel I've scratched the surface of yet, but it has so much to offer, you really need to check it out.

You can pay for a license to access everything, but we just use the free version and I feel it has more than we could even want in that.

Interested in learning about even more great resources? Check out my posts on The Ultimate Guide to Doing Preschool at Home and Homeschool Reading That's Easy, Effective and Economical to get you started!

Are you looking for a few good, general learning resources for your kids to spend time with?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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  1. What a fabulous resource, my friend! My girls loved Starfall back in the day. Pinning and tweeting right now!

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