Frugal Family

Whether it's how to squeeze every bit of life from each penny in your budget, giving great gifts that don't break the bank, organizing things around the house to help things run more efficiently, or partying for pennies, my frugal family posts will be sure to help make your life easier:

Great Gifts to Give

Travel the world from the comfort of your living room with this fun family or date night gift that keeps giving all year long!

The perfect gift for just about everyone on your list - & one that keeps giving all year long!
Babies & toddlers don't need fancy toys - these everyday items work just as well
Make a fun felt sandwich (no sewing required) that will be played with again & again
With just a little planning, you can give that someone special a year-long gift you'll both love
An easy idea for family & friends
Little ones will love this threading noodler toy
Little ones will love these colorful alphabet sticks
Make a fun, personalized piggy bank
A sweet keepsake gift to create
DIY puzzles are fun finds

Father's (or Mother's) Day Gift Idea

Better Budgeting

How we took a FREE month-long family vacation (for the 2nd year in a row!)
A regular menu routine not only keeps life simple, but saves money, too
You won't believe how easy it is to save a little money in the kitchen with this tip
You probably know the library can help you save money, but you might not realize just how much!
Don't hold back at Halloween - a unique costume doesn't have to cost a lot
How we took a month-long FREE family vacation (1st year edition)
Google Voice can save you guineas
There's no reason for your cell phone bill to be so big!
A cheap way to have fun is by playing games - these two fabulous books have ideas that EVERYone will enjoy
Don't break the bank while baby-wearing!
Filling that Easter basket shouldn't have to empty your pockets
Weekly shopping tips that can cut your grocery bill
Have frugal fun at the fair with this fun activity

Organizing & Simplifying Your Life

Free up valuable real estate in your bathroom with this upcycling idea
Less ironing, less space, & you can see everything at a glance!
Reclaim closet space with this life-changing storage solution for puzzles & games (if you're brave enough)
A divided wine bag provides so many organizational opportunities!

Partying for Pennies

An offbeat combination that was a huge hit!
You CAN plan a themed party with frugal & natural fun!
Peg + Cat-Themed Birthday Party