Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God & Science by Louie Giglio

What better way for children to discover the wonders of the universe than with The Creator!

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This book is perfect for all those little minds full of curious thoughts about STEM-themed topics:

The first thing that got stuck in my head when I saw this book was this song. I know Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin frequently work together, so I'm sure the shared titles aren't just a coincidence.

What I love most about this book is how it's bursting with scientific findings, photography and original illustrations about all sorts of topics related to science.

I really like how actual photographs are included on many pages, too!

Children are always fascinated with learning more about these things, so engagement with this devotional should be really high.

The introduction points out that four major topics are covered in this book: space, the Earth, animals, and people.

It also suggests that readers should feel free to jump around and focus on just one topic at a time if they'd like -- and even makes this easier by grouping readings by topic and page number.

We're reading through this book in order over at our house, but I think it's great to group the pages by topic, as well.

It's great to see how Louie not only helps kids learn more about each subject, but then relates each one to the awe and wonder at God's creativity with them all.

Each devotion also includes a "Be Amazed" section that adds additional facts and hands-on activities to try and is followed by a short prayer to close everything out, as well.

I love Nicola Anderson's illustrations in this book!

I just love reading through books like this with Gv each day. We often pull several devotionals off the shelf to read at a time, since some of the ones we have cover unique topics like this one does.

You know I'm digging the ice skater page!

Devotional books covering general "kid issues" are swell, but this special book is definitely a worthy one to add to your home library. Grab your copy here and start exploring the world of the Creator with your child.

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