The ICB Blessed Garden Bible

Combining the International Children's Bible translation with an organic garden trend results in a sweet treasure for all the little girls in your life!

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We hadn't been aware of the ICB translation yet, but when this new Bible arrived in the mail, Gv and I were instantly drawn in:

This full-text Bible instantly captivated us.

Gv said the Bible must belong to Snow White, as the winsome woodland creatures and cheerful flowers adorning the cover seem like just the choice for her favorite princess.

Not only does the cover include adorable drawings, but it's filled with glitter and foil details, as well!

I was curious to explore this ICB version and discovered that it is written on a third-grade reading level, so that young readers can more easily digest the precious words for themselves.
Sentences have been kept short and uncomplicated, using appropriate vocabulary, modern measurements and the most common geographical names for clarity. Additionally, there is lucidity (either within the text or a footnote) regarding ancient customs, connotations of words, rhetorical questions, figures of speech and idiomatic expressions -- which all contribute to increased ease in reading these Scriptures for children.

It's the Bible, but not quite as difficult so newer readers can see things for themselves!

Besides the features provided by the ICB translation, this Bible also includes 24 colorful pages of study help inserts, 365 Key highlighted verses, bold dictionary words in the text and a dictionary and concordance.

Study help pages include informational lists, like these... well as extra information to consider, like on this page.

This dictionary works more like a glossary: the words are in bold throughout the text, then defined here in the back of the book.

An extensive timeline, several maps, and a lovely presentation page with spots to include family details round out the extra features that make this special Bible one to treasure.

I always wish more Bibles would include timelines, like this one does!

The timeline stretches across 4 pages and there are 4 maps included, as well.

This book is tailored to elementary-aged readers, but it's wonderful for anyone looking to transition away from a storybook Bible format or even just to begin introducing bits of the true text to children.

You can get a copy of this sweet Bible here. It would make a great gift for all the special little girls in your life!

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