Princess Prayers by Crystal Bowman

Sweet little prayers to help your princesses engage with Scripture and discover how to open their hearts to God!

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Although Gv isn't obsessed with princesses like so many others her age, she definitely spends a fair amount of time dressing up and reading about these girly characters.

Apparently, there is an entire series of The Princess Parables books out there, but this was our introduction to them all:

I don't know too much about this series except that it revolves around five sister princesses (Grace, Hope, Faith, Charity and Joy) who want to live Godly lives.

We aren't yet familiar with these sweet sisters yet, but I've already put several of the other books on hold at the library for Gv!

Even though this book features these sisters throughout, it's not at all necessary to be familiar with any of them before reading this sweet little board book full of prayers.

The rhyming text on each page is not at all dependent on the illustrations, although the cheerful, colorful pictures will definitely add to a little girl's reading enjoyment.

I could see reading this book throughout the day -- beginning each day with the morning prayer, ending with the nighttime prayer, and then choosing a different one from the middle of the book to focus on each day.

The book opens with a morning prayer and closes with a nighttime prayer. In between are 14 other simple prayers to help your sweet little princess grow closer to God.

These cover topics like forgiveness, fear, beauty, praise and abundance and each one includes a relevant Bible verse, as well.

Just about every one of the related Bible verses is worth memorizing, like this example of Psalm 46:1.

Gv and will definitely be incorporating this little book into our daily Latticed Learning routine, although I can already tell that it won't be long before she's able to read the prayers to God all on her own.

The book's biggest appeal to us is in its rhyming verse, but I know several little girls who would especially love the princess-themed illustrations and glittery, padded cover.

If you look at the curtains that frame this cover and the princess's blue dress, you can see some of the sparkle that makes this book so special.

I can see this book easily entertaining toddlers, but lasting well into the elementary years as well. If you have a sweet little princess in your life whom you love, think about supporting her budding prayer life with this special little book.

Pick up your own copy of this book here and help begin a lifetime habit of talking with God for your gal.

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