I AM Devotional by Diane Stortz, Illustrated by Diane Le Feyer

100 kid-friendly devotions focused on the names of God!

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One year, the church that I grew up in had a sermon series on the names of God.

I had long since moved away from Orlando, but I listened to the service online every week because I was fascinated with all the different qualities these names convey.

That's why I was so excited to see this arrive for my review:

This 224-page hardbound book will be the perfect introduction to the many names of God for Gv and I during her Latticed Learning time!

My initial plan is to work through one devotion a week, but in the future, I can see Gv using this book herself on a daily basis, in a rotation with some of her other devotional titles.

You can't see it in this photo, but the burning bush here on the cover is raised and glittery, with the words "I AM" written in foil.

The book begins with letters to both parents and kids on how to use this book, then the first four devotions are kind of an introduction that looks at what's in a name and how to especially use the names of God in a respectful manner.

I love that the book tackles this issue right off the bat. It helps children realize that the words they use matter and hopefully will help them pause and think before using the name of God lightly.

Each two-page spread includes a colorful top tab highlighting a specific name of God, a related Bible verse, the devotional, and a prayer.

A box at the end includes several questions to ponder along with a suggestion of where to dig deeper on the subject in a specific location in the Bible.

I love how the topics discussed along with these names of God are so relevant for children!

The book really covers a variety of names, from descriptive names to titles to specific names of Hebrew origin.

I really like how specific names like Jehovah Rophe are included (and a pronunciation guide, too!)

I think the illustrations are pleasant and really enhance the topics and the layout of the pages keeps the eye traveling from point to point, as well.

This book is tailored to elementary-aged readers, but I think it could be introduced slowly (like reading one a week) to younger children, too. I think this book would be equally appropriate to middle-school readers, unless you happen to have a child who skips the tween stage and goes straight from child to teenager overnight (please don't let that be me!)

You can get a copy of this wonderful book here. It would make a great gift or just be a welcome addition to your home's faith library.

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  1. I am (!) TOTALLY getting a copy of this for our house...in the "come to God as a little child" spirit of things. This looks incredible...thank you so much for putting this on my radar, my friend.