Bedtime Read & Rhyme Bible Stories by Bonnie Rickner Jensen, illustrated by Robert Dunn

Does your child's bedtime routine begin with a lengthy process of choosing which story to read before sleep?  Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what you are going to read each night - with the added bonus of a prayer built into each day's selection?

Read on to discover this new, adorable resource!

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I know many of you follow a traditional bedtime routine with your kids: reading a story, saying prayers, and bestowing a good-night kiss before quietly slipping from your child's darkened room.

Often, the "reading a story" portion of the evening seems to never end - your cherub can't seem to decide which book to choose, or you hear "read it again" as soon as you close the cover...

I think this happy, hopeful, fun-to-read children's book might be just the solution to your nighttime woes: 

This substantial book offers a collection of more than 90 stories from the Bible along with a short bedtime prayer - perfect for tuck-in time with your little one!

The stories range from 1-3 pages long, allowing you the opportunity to choose the best fit for your patience level on any given night. (Although my crazy self can't handle skipping around, so I'd have to read it all in order, no matter how tired I was!)

Some stories take up just one spread, like this one. Others have three page-spreads to them.

What I love most about this group of Bible stories is that they are told in delightful, rhyming verse - making it not only pleasant for me to read (I love rhyming books), but the perfect vehicle for a bedtime story.

"In time, Jacob had 12 strapping sons! In his old age came his favorite one. His name was Joseph, and as he grew, his brothers would hate him because they knew..."

The cadence of all these familiar stories will easily lull your sleepy one off to dreamland - and what better dreams to have than those revolving around "Samuel, God's Good Listener," "The Lord's Prayer and God's Perfect Care," or "Isaiah Tells of the Coming King?"

Its prayers are short and sweet and the perfect focus for preschool to early elementary-aged children to end the evening with.

"Dear God, thank You for Jesus, the best gift of all!" A short, heartfelt prayer to instill the happy habit of prayer in your child!

Another aspect I love about this book is its colorful illustrations.  The pictures are cute, without being saccharine-sweet and entirely appropriate for each story and page.

The colorful robes on the disciples here make my rainbow-loving heart happy!

I know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the richly illustrated one on this book makes me want to leave it out on a bedside table all the time - think coffee-table book for the bed!

There's even a satin ribbon to save your spot each night!

G and I are excited to give this to Gv for Christmas this year.  It's such a nice book, I feel it deserves to be given to her on a special occasion.

I definitely recommend this book for anyone with kids aged birth to the primary years.  It's a great one to grow up with and definitely one to help make your bedtime routine exceptional.

You can grab your own copy of this book here and start tucking your child in with reminders of God's love!

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