Faithgirlz Promises for You Coloring Devotional

Coloring has been proven to calm and focus the soul, which makes it the perfect activity to do while meditating on God's word!

This coloring devotional will inspire a special girl in your life to spend more time with some of the promises of her Creator!

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I've mentioned before that I haven't felt the need to jump on the Bible journaling bandwagon, but the idea behind this book seems like one I'd love to hitch my horse to!

Even way back in high school (long before today's coloring fad!), I kept a few coloring books in my room for whenever I needed a mental break.

I found that coloring was a great way to relax and because I'm a looney and have to be doing more than one thing at a time, I'd color while listening to music or watching tv.

But I think this coloring devotional book is an even better idea.

Not only does each page include a specific promise from the Bible, small blurb of explanation and several lines for the reader to jot down her reflections on the subject, but the background of the two-page spread is filled with wonderful designs and pictures to color, as well.

Although the book's introduction explains that you can color before or after you spend time with the text, I actually think it's best to begin by reading the devotional first. You can then color the detailed line art while you reflect on the Bible verse and text, followed by journaling your thoughts at the end.

Isn't that a better way to multi-task while coloring? Reflecting on God's promises instead of zoning out in front of the tv?

I think so.

The pages of this book are printed on high-quality, thick paper that won't bleed, so that means you can use not only colored pencils, crayons or pens to practice your art, but markers and paint, too.

And even though I'm too much of a linear-minded gal to follow the introduction's advice, I love the suggestion to not just progress through the pages of the book from start to finish, but jump around and choose whatever page catches your eye that day.

I feel this book appeals to a huge range of ages:

  • A mom could work through this book with her young daughter, reading the text aloud and working to complete the coloring portion together.
  • Once that daughter learned to read proficiently enough, she could enjoy spending time with this book on her own.
  • I actually think I would have loved a book like this as a teenager -- this would have been a perfect high school, or heck, even college, graduation gift to receive!
  • And beyond that, I have to confess that I'm debating between setting this fabulous book aside for Gv when she gets older or just going ahead and using it myself now, because really, you never grow out of needing to be reminded of God's promises, right?

I'm pretty sure I'll be going with that option, so don't tell Gv that it could have been hers!

So, basically, I think this book is great for any female you know. It'd honestly be great for any male you know, too, but some might be turned off by the "Faithgirlz" name and pictures of flowers and other girly touches.

Buy this for a gift (you've been wondering what to get that grad, right?) or buy it for yourself. But if you appreciate the opportunity to do a bit of coloring along with spending a bit of time with God, then just make sure you buy this book! Pick up your own copy here and find inspiration in several ways!

Do you or someone you know enjoy a bit of coloring? If so (and if God's promises are appealing), then this book should go on your list! What do you think?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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