Lost My Name - The Ultimate Personalized Book for Your Child

Your child will meet plenty of magical and wonderful creatures during the journey through this unique, personalized book! 

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Gv has a different name.

You know, one of those that guarantees she will never find a mug or magnet adorned with her moniker in one of those tacky tourist shops while on vacation.

The poor kid.

Plus, it's a bazillion letters long - I mean, how could we shackle her to such a title?

It will probably take the sum of her single-digit years for her to learn to even spell it.

We're so cruel.

But I'm not worried about her learning her name any more, because she's now the proud owner of one of the most adorable, whimsical books I've ever encountered.

These are the ultimate personalized books - you won't find a more unique book out there!

Everything about these books makes me smile - from the vibrant, fun illustrations to the clever rhymes of the text, your child will never want this special exploration to end (and if he or she has a name half as long as Gv's, it never will!)

I'd caught a brief glimpse of one of these books somewhere out on the interwebs, which sent me scrambling to find out all I could about its specifics.

It didn't take me long to realize that I'd stumbled across something special, and when Gv's copy arrived in the mail, I knew my impressions of it were correct.

The fun of these books begins with your order.  Navigating around the website feels more like a day at an amusement park than an exchange with some cold vendor - the quirky personality of the company shines through every click you take.

You can even get an idea of what your final book will look like before you ever spend the first cent!

Oooh, a rainbow?  I'm in!

Your first step is to enter your child's name, select a language (there are 11 to choose from), pick the appropriate gender and then choose one of three illustrated characters.

Next, you can make alterations to the characters that will gift your child with the letters that will ultimately spell his or her name.  For example, Gv's first letter has the options of being a giant, ghost, or gnu.

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum. I picked a giant to help spell my Hun!

This is not only helpful if the name contains repetitive letters, but also creates a more unique book, due to all the possible combinations.

So a set of twins named Anna and Abby could not only have books centered around different main characters (by choosing different avatars), but could have completely different pages and paths for their stories, even though both names begin with "A!"  

This is because the rhyming text changes to fit the different letter characters, so the four pages dedicated to each letter of the name make it more unique.

Once you've gotten the name pages of your order all settled, you're able to choose a binding type.  I picked the simplest softcover version and was still extremely impressed by its quality when it arrived.

Now you're able to personalize the dedication page - which would be especially perfect if you were giving this book as a gift!

Once you check out and pay, you'd think the fun would be over, but the Lost My Name support "angels" are quick to follow up and apprise you of every step of your book's status - and the book is shipped (for free!) out so quickly, even though it's completely custom-made to your specifications!

When I placed my order, I actually encountered a bit of a hiccup when I was ready to check out.  Because the company was so graciously providing me a book at no cost, they had created a unique coupon code that I was to use in lieu of payment at the point of sale, but the total wasn't calculating correctly.

In flew an angel to immediately help me with my problem - and even though the whole process ended up taking a bit longer than I'd anticipated, she was so lovely that I came away from the experience feeling like I'd made a new friend, instead of dealing with the typical customer service rep annoyance.

We even continued to email for several days after my order was processed - just chatting about the weather (the company's based in the UK) and other fun little tidbits regarding our respective families and homes!

The book arrived within days and Gv and I were so excited to dive right in and read it. I couldn't get over the quality of the illustrations and weight of the pages - they must use 6-trillion weight paper for these things!

But the best part of these books comes when you read the story for the first time.

A little girl wakes up one morning and discovers that her name has vanished from her bedroom door - and what's worse, she can't even remember what it was.  

She searches her room frantically for it, finding only a rainbow trail...

Undaunted, she follows the trail and begins meeting all sorts of fantastic creatures.  Each one is also dealing with a problem, but our story's little star is able to help each one out.

In return, each creature gifts her the first letter of his name as a thank you for all her help.

She travels on and on (and on, if the poor girl has a name like Gv's) and finally realizes that she has all the letters needed to spell her own special name.

The expression on Gv's face when she realized the little girl in the story was her was priceless.

She has asked me to read this book over and over again since that first day, and I have to say that it just gets sweeter and more fun each time.

This book is obviously perfect for your own children (it would make such a neat Christmas gift - you could even craft the dedication so that the book is given by Santa!) but it would also make the most awesome gift for another child, as well.

Birthdays, Christmas, adoption or "gotcha" days - any time you're looking for a unique present for someone special, this fantastic book is there to help you out.

I have already suggested it to three of my friends who were trying to come up with a great welcome gift for a new baby.  Books are always a good choice for a new blessing, but this one is especially fantastic!

I highly recommend this book for anyone with a kid or who knows a kid.  

So, basically, anyone.

Go create your own book now - and by clicking through this link here, you'll get 15% off your first book!

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  1. This book sounds awesome!!!! I've never heard of a book that specializes the book so uniquely.

  2. I have been waiting to see if some things changed before I bought one for my grandson. I was delighted to see that there are now options to change certain creatures or animals throughout the book. That being said, I am sad that the end has changed. If I remember correctly, there was a different ending when I first saw this. I liked that one better. This ending seems too sudden to me. I liked it when the letters were spelled out at the end to spell the child's name. I guess I'll wait to see if any more changes are made before I buy one for my grandson. It really is a great idea and well done.