Firing My Doctor - Part 1

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Having a baby is life-changing.  There are immediately so many choices to make (and it's only the beginning!) and one of the most crucial is deciding on your birth provider.  What happens when your assumptions regarding this decision are turned upside down?  How do you cope and where do you turn for help?

I hope to do just that in this three-part series, Firing My Doctor, where I share what we did when faced with this situation.

"hey, You...stop that!" by ElmWolf, used under CC BY 2.0 / Text bar added by Syncopated Mama

We were pregnant and knew we wanted to bring our more natural lifestyle into our pregnancy/birth journey, but I assumed that could all be done within the “normal” medical world.

At our first appointment at week ten, we met with my OB/GYN of the past fifteen years, seated in front of his desk so that we could discuss what to expect in the upcoming months.  The humor which kept me an established patient was on in full force and he took the time to answer our already-long list of questions.

G received all sorts of kudos when he showed the doctor my bottle of prenatal vitamins.  The doctor was impressed with their quality and composition and said the only thing we should add was DHA. 

By the way, the vitamins were awesome.  They didn’t make me sick or give me any other issues and I highly recommend them.

 I also took iron, which did not give me any constipation issues at all and I recommend them, as well.

 I took these for the DHA, and having grown such a big, healthy baby, I’d say they did the trick, as well.

After our chat with the doctor, we were feeling pretty in sync and headed to the examining room for the next portion of our appointment.

He did an ultrasound just to make sure everything looked good, which it did, but then he dated Gv younger than she was (I’d kept track of things, so I knew exactly which day she was conceived, so the date difference threw me a bit).  We chatted a bit more and he informed me I was high risk, due to my “advanced maternal age” (I was 38) and brushed me off a bit with my questions about having a natural birth.

He basically said that if I was crazy enough to want to try birthing without drugs, he’d give me a chance to try it out for a while.  He said he thought it was insane for any woman to give birth that way, and that he’d “cut me if he needed to and wouldn’t if I didn’t need it.” (This response followed my episiotomy question.)

He also said that he had the final say in any decision because (chuckling) he was the doctor.

We left that appointment starting to wonder if things would be able to go the way we’d hoped, after all.  Plus, I was starting to experience some anxiety due to the dating difference between the ultrasound and my date.  Of course, the doctor had implied that my date was wrong, because the equipment doesn’t lie.