Answer Me This {Week 9}

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I'm joining in on the fun with Kendra at Catholic All Year for this weekly post:

1. What’s something you've won and how did you win it?

Hmmm...I started to say that I've never won anything, but then I laughed, because I was a competitive figure skater, and I won a few medals in my day...

My two favorite skating dresses (sewed by my mom and designed by me).

Then there was also this:

I won a bike and my very own edition of the game.  Fun times. 

2. Do you save old greeting cards and letters, or throw them all away? Why?

It's funny, because my first thought was that nobody really seems to send or give greeting cards anymore.  But then there are still a few that trickle in at Christmastime, and my mom still creates personal cards on her computer for all occasions.

I save all of that.

I was big into scrap booking for a while and so up until I stopped, I managed to get those types of things into scrapbooks.  Anything from probably 2008 until now is in a box, because I just can't decide how to handle photos and scrap booking now.  Except for all the mushy love notes between me and G, because I did go ahead and make a scrapbook of the beginning of us through our wedding.

Besides that, it's all in a box.  

Any ideas for what I should do with it all?

3. When you’re at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?

Barefoot!  I feel claustrophobic if I have shoes on at home.  If it gets really, really cold in the winter, I'll break down and put on some fuzzy socks (like these ), but that doesn't happen too often around these parts.

4. Who’s the most famous person you have ever met? 

Besides figure skaters, because I have an almost limitless list of those...

Marc Price, Tina Yothers, and Fred Koehler were on that Teen Win, Lose, or Draw episode with me...

There's also Lily Tomlin, Marla Maples, John Glenn, and President Reagan (although I guess I didn't actually meet him, just gave him the thumbs up on the White House lawn as he was getting on Marine One.
My mom's new best friend this time was a secret service agent, who brought us into the more private area of the White House & then we got to wave goodbye to the President as he boarded the plane.
Sometimes it's nice having a mom who makes a new "best friend" everywhere she goes.  (That's what my dad and I always say when we're waiting on her to finish talking to some random stranger - that she's got a new "best friend")

There might be others, but that's all that come to mind right now.

5. What has been your best work of art?

I'm certainly not someone with any amazing artistic talent, but I do enjoy artsy projects and being creative and I think that's what's most important, anyway.  

I do really enjoy photography and I think I've taken a few pretty neat photos, so I guess I'll go with that.  Here's one of my favorites:

All the photos in this post were scanned in, so they're not quite as clear as they could be, but you get the idea.

6.  What’s your strongest sense?

Definitely hearing.  I've always been able to hear crazy things, like the intercom frequency noise in the Jordan Marsh department store or a moth bumping up against a window on the opposite side of the house at night.

I'm like the princess & the pea, but with sound.

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