Project Snapshot Week 75: Remembering Laura

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The goal of this post is to capture a memory from the past week, either with a camera, words, or both.  Time passes in the blink of an eye and this will create a collection of treasured memories from throughout the year.

My Snapshot(s)

A friend's battle with colon cancer ended yesterday.  I say ended, because although she's no longer with us, she most certainly did not lose anything ‐ I've never seen such a strong fighter before in my life!

Anyone who even slightly knew her agreed with this sentiment, which is why she was known as Wonder Woman:

I did not take this photo, but it's just too perfect and it's being shared freely all over Facebook.  If you took it, please let me know so I can give you credit for such a great shot of her!
Although the news of her passing was heartbreaking for me, throughout the day I couldn't help but remember little tidbits about Laura that made me smile:

The fun we had towards the end of each school year, passing each other in the breezeways and announcing how many days were left until the season's So You Think You Can Dance premiere.  Then, from the time the first episode aired and throughout the summer, we had a standing date each week to jump on Facebook and message each other with all the highs and lows of that week's performances.

The way she brought together our school community, and how willing everyone was to set aside preoccupations and work together to help stamp out colon cancer.

Our school's staff members during a visit of the Pink Heals tour (which Laura's husband participated in)

The fact that no matter what crazy side effects from treatment Laura was dealing with (like blue hands as a result of a new medication she was on), she'd be there at work, shrugging off the fact that she was uncomfortable and laughing at the absurdity of it all while she helped some poor soul locate her lost dongle, despite the fact that most of us would still be huddled in our beds at home and feeling sorry for ourselves, if we had to deal with even a tenth of what she did.

Her competitive spirit each year in the annual "Staff Versus 5th Graders" kickball game as she somehow summoned the energy each year to help our team rack up the winning points.

The way she didn't hesitate for a minute when she heard I was suddenly experiencing a complication with my pregnancy - she rushed to my room and persuaded me to go home right away, (despite the fact that students were already entering my classroom) and assured me that she would take care of the class.  Then, when a substitute arrived moments later to relieve her, she raced to the parking lot and insisted that I let her drive me home, regardless of the fact that I lived an hour away.

The amazing photographs she took of our wedding and of Gv's early weeks, capturing the beauty of these memories for us to enjoy for years. 

One example of Laura's fantastic photography skills

Another example of Laura's super shutterbug skills (well, the photo, not the baby...G & I kind of had a hand in that)

Her inspirational marriage ‐ she took every opportunity to let the world know she had the most amazing husband on the planet. Despite the fact that Rich worked at about a zillion jobs (since insurance doesn't begin to cover the scope of cancer treatment), he was always there for her - even popping in to see her at school between shifts at the firehouse - just to brighten her day.  I really think he must have had one of those Time-Turner thingies like Hermione, because I don't know how else he could be in so many places in a 24-hour period - but he was - and with a smile and a joke for us all, to boot!

And so many others I could list, because a life touched by Laura is one full of wonderful memories, indeed.

I don't understand, Dear Laura
Why you've been given this fight
You're a worthy opponent, yes
But it just never seemed right
I've been praying for you for forever
And forever I'll continue to pray
It's been a while since I've seen you
But from my heart you never have strayed

Continuing to send all my love and prayers to Laura's amazing husband Rich and their two special kids.

Sometimes even good memories can be bittersweet.  What was your favorite memory from this past week?  I'd love to hear about it!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.