Babel Tower Tube Craft

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This is a fun activity that we did to go along with our focus on the Tower of Babel Bible story during Gv's Latticed Learning time.

Although this isn't really an independent project for a toddler, it was really cute and I knew Gv would get a kick out of gluing all the bricks onto the tower.

First, I cut a piece of brown construction paper to wrap around an empty paper towel tube.  I cut out a few strips of black construction paper and then snipped those into rectangles of varying lengths.

I handed Gv the glue stick and let her cover the paper with the bricks.  There were some areas that were really sturdy (with bricks five or six thick!), but I was surprised at how evenly she spaced them, overall:

I wrapped the paper around the paper towel tube and taped it tightly.  You'll notice that some of the bricks began to come off once they were bent into a cylinder shape, so you'll probably want to either wrap the whole thing in a towel to hold them in place until they dry, or use wet glue, or do both in order to prevent that from happening.

Next, I took a piece of orange construction paper and wrote "Let us build a tower whose top is in the heavens, let us make a name for ourselves" (based on Genesis 11:4). in a spiral shape with black marker.  I cut that out and taped the top of the spiral to the top inside part of the tube.  We stuffed some of our handy vitamin-bottle cotton in the top for a cloud effect and stood the whole thing up to admire.

You probably don't even need the paper towel tube for this craft, but I felt it helped to hold the whole thing up steadier, once we were done.  Would you bother with that part?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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