31 Days of Phonics Cards: Dipthongs

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Welcome back to 31 Days of Phonics Cards!  This series will provide you with FREE printable cards to introduce the alphabet and other beginning phonograms (written letter(s) and the sounds they make) with your child.  

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Dipthongs can be tricky to pick out - different parts of the country say words differently, so what might be a dipthong in one dialect might not be in another.  

What exactly is a dipthong?  Well, it's usually two vowels side by side that glide from one sound to another within the same phoneme.  At least that's my simplified description, without getting into all the details that someone like a speech pathologist would.

It's probably easiest to list a few examples of the most common ones:

  • oi & oy (like in coin or boy)
  • ea, ai & ere (like in bear, hair, or where)
  • ow & ou (like in cow or house)
  • oo & ou (like in cook or could)
  • oo, ew, ui, ue, oe, ough & ou (like in moon, flew, juice, blue, shoe, through and you)
There are also many other variant vowel sounds - times that vowels combine to make just one sound:
  • ay, ai, ea & eigh (long A like in day, mail, break, or eight)
  • ee, ie, ey, y & ea (long E like in feet, cookie, monkey, baby, or leaf)
  • ea (short E like in head)
  • ie, ight & y (long I like in pie, night, or why)
  • ow, oa, ough & oe (long O like in yellow, coat, though, or toe)
  • wa, aw & au (short O like in water, saw, or author)
  • ar (like in artist)
  • er, ir & ur (like in her, bird, or fur)
  • or (like in orange)
You'll be able to get these common dipthong and variant vowel cards in Pack 2 of my Phonics Cards, which I'll be adding to my Teachers Pay Teachers store in the near future (Set 1 is available now).

However, you can continue to sample the fun with today's printable - and let this dapper little dipthong put a smile on your face. 

Simply click here to download both the color and black and white versions of this card.

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