Yummy in Their Tummies: A book bursting with healthy recipes your kids will love!

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Yesterday, time got away from me.  

Gv and I had been up to our ears in the week's Latticed Learning fun and I didn't even realize until it began to grow dark outside the window (darn you, time change!) that it was time to start dinner.

Usually, this wouldn't be a problem.  I pretty much have my major meal decisions planned out ahead of time, thanks to our weekly menu routine, but this week was a little wacky and for some reason, I hadn't figured anything specific out for any of the days yet and had already gone through our fresh veggie haul from the weekend, using up our chicken and salmon dinners in the process.  I could go international, but we were out of rice and there was already a pot of garbanzo beans simmering away on the counter to replenish our weekly supply of hummus.  That left soup (because Fridays have to be pizza!) and while I had plenty of fresh stock in the freezer, it was frozen in a gallon-sized chunk which would take forever to thaw, never mind the fact that even if I did rustle up enough gunk around the house to throw in there, it wouldn't really have enough time for the flavors to meld and thus would result in a pretty mediocre mess of slop.

I resorted to fixing an enormous salad, which we have every night, but my plan was to supplement the massive bowl of greens with generous portions of my latest batch of homemade mozzarella and then a giant bowl of popcorn for a treat.

Of course, when I opened the box of greens, I discovered they were prematurely slimy and since there was no way I'd be throwing out all that food (not to mention money), I threw it all into the skillet and we just ate our salad as spinach.

You know you've been there, and have probably wished for a resource that contains an assortment of fast and healthy recipes that have already met the approval of picky little eaters around the world. 

That's why I'm so excited to team up with Dr. Orlena Kerek, Pediatrician, and 15 other busy moms around the world to bring you our new book:  Yum! Deliciously Healthy Recipes for Kids

This book is chock-full of quick & easy, healthy meals that are time-tested kid favorites. Inside, you'll see:

12 Healthy Breakfast Recipes
13 Healthy Lunches Recipes
19 Healthy Dinner Recipes
10 Healthy Dessert Recipes
18 Healthy Snack Recipes

Which of your favorite Syncopated Mama recipes will you find inside?  You'll have to grab your own copy to find out, as well as discover new delights from my fantastic co-authors.

Just click here to nab your copy of this great new book, and introduce your family to some tasty new morsels they'll be sure to love.

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What meals are you most excited to find recipes for?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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