2015 Top Ten Syncopated Mama Posts

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Happy New Year!

It seems like every time a break rolls around (remember, we're a teaching family, so we live for breaks), we have all these great plans and goals for things we'll do and accomplish, but then time slips away and suddenly we've only checked two things off our list and it's already the weekend before school starts back and there's just so much to grade...

Besides the never-ending grading (have you ever noticed how much stuff a teacher carts home the day before a break?  G brought home a rolling cart and six large bags stuffed with school papers), we think it's nice to make an effort to spend a little time together as a family, so that tends to take priority over our to-do list, as well.

All of that brings me to today's post.

I had great plans of continuing with our Latticed Learning fun these past two weeks, but, well, Christmas was just too exciting and now we're up to our eyeballs in parades and football (and continuing to devour holiday treats and snacky food), so we'll be back to sharing our explorations next week.

In the meantime, I'd come across a few other blogs sharing their top posts for 2015 and had loads of fun reading through what was popular with them, so I decided to jump in and make today's post easy and just do the same thing.

Side note:  Coming up with the top 10 posts for the year was not easy, because I don't have any fancy reporting software and just had to go through my 2015 post list by hand, making a note of which ones received the most views.

That's what I get for taking the lazy route...

So, here are my top ten posts written in 2015.  I love the smattering from all the sorts of topics I write about - which is good, since I plan to continue to write about those things in the future.

And make sure to read my question at the end of this post, because I'd love to hear from you and find out your favorite post(s) from the year!

In classic Letterman style:

10.  Year of Fun

Wow, to think that I just wrote this one less than a month ago and it's already hitting the top ten for the year!  I know so many of you have been excited to make this gift up for your family and friends - I'd love to hear how it goes!

9.  Phonics Cards

Another new post that has shot right to the top of the list.  So many of you agreed that you were tired of the phonics cards that you've encountered and are excited to print out the first set that I've created here!

8.  Clothes Organization

I wrote this before I'd read Konmari's book and had to laugh when I read about her method of storing clothes in drawers, because it seemed like we shared many of the same ideas.  I still prefer my method, because it not only allows me to see everything at once, but it keeps things wrinkle-free and is so much faster than the way she does it.

And we all know that I'm all about the lazy, right?

7.  Graham Crackers

Mmmm, I've heard that many of you agree that this are way easier than you'd expected and taste so good, you'll never go back to store-bought again.

I'm planning to bake up a batch this weekend, just so I can use them to make my annual eggnog tarts (that I didn't get to before Christmas).

6.  Valentine's Day Crafts

It's all about the hearts and the love, and you told me that you really enjoyed some of the unique (& easy) decorations we made for this holiday.

5.  Sweet Potato Crackers

They're our go-to snack when we're out and about, and you love them too.  We always have some on hand and couldn't survive our long car trips without a few bags of these healthy tidbits.

4.  20 Frugal Toys

We're really into finding non-toy things around the house for Gv to play with - it not only saves a ton of money, but means bringing less stuff into the house, as well.  I'm so happy that so many of you have gone toy shopping in your own homes, too!

3.  Library Love

It was a treat to share so many inside tips and tricks to using your library to its full potential.  I love it when you stop by and share something new you've discovered about your local branch - and have even learned some new ideas to suggest to mine, as well!

2.  Homemade Cheese

Hooray!  We're conquering our fear of making homemade cheese, one curd at a time!  I'm excited that so many of you have gotten brave with me and ventured into the world of cheesemaking - did you see my recent post on snackable paneer?

Watch for an upcoming post on the mozzarella, because you've all told me that that's what you're most anxious to learn how to do!

1.  Banana Bread Bites

I'd thought that this might be the top post because it was written so early in the year, but when I started reading the comments and emails, I remembered just how much you all loved these little bites of goodness.

We've been on a smoothie kick around here lately, so all my bananas have gone into those frothy beverages, but I think I'm going to have to save the next bunch for a batch of these yummy snacks!

Mmmm...little bites of banana yummy-ness, hot from the oven...I might just go make some right now...

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for this week's 5 After 5, 2016 Goals Edition - and be thinking of your top five goals for this new year!

Did your favorite post from 2015 make the list?  What was it?  Which topics do you want to read more about in 2016?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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