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Is your 3-year-old the youngest of the family, or are all the kids your child plays with close to that same age?  If so, then you know how difficult it can be to find ways for them to all be involved in the fun and games - so many choices are just too advanced for this age.

But now, you'll have a list of 31 unique games that even a 3-year-old can join in with.  A few of these ideas will be best for the preschool set, but most will work for a wide range of ages!

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A basic circle game made fancy with a ball and special passing moves.

Around Ball

Players:  8 + (an even number)

Ages:  3 +

Place:  a space large enough for the players to form two rings

Equipment:  2 balls (beach ball, playground ball, basketball, etc.)

How to play:  The players break into two even teams, stand in a circle and choose a captain.

On the signal ("Go!"), the captain throws the ball to the player on the right.  Players continue to pass the ball as quickly as possible to the player to the right.

When the ball has gone around once, the captain shouts "One!" and play continues until 5 rounds have been reached.

The team who reaches five first is the winner.

Variation:  Players must pass the ball in a specific way (between the legs, behind the back, with a single bounce, etc.)

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