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Is your 3-year-old the youngest of the family, or are all the kids your child plays with close to that same age?  If so, then you know how difficult it can be to find ways for them to all be involved in the fun and games - so many choices are just too advanced for this age.

But now, you'll have a list of 31 unique games that even a 3-year-old can join in with.  A few of these ideas will be best for the preschool set, but most will work for a wide range of ages!

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A noncompetitive game that is active, involves singing, and can last indefinitely.

It reminds me of "London Bridge" and it's always full of giggles.

Farmer in the Dell

Players:  6 + 

Ages:  3 +

Place:  a space large enough for the players to form a ring

Equipment:  none

How to play:  The players join hands and form a circle with one player in the center (the farmer).

The players then move around the farmer while singing the first verse of "The Farmer in the Dell."

At the start of the second verse (The farmer takes a wife), the farmer points to another player, who then stands in the center while the rest of the players close the ring and continue to circle both of them.

Play continues in this manner until only one player (the cheese) is left.  Now the center players form a ring around the cheese and sing "the cheese stands alone" before then launching into the first verse again, with this player as the new farmer.

The traditional verses go like this:

The wife takes a child...
The child takes a nurse...
The nurse takes a dog...
The dog takes a cat...
The cat takes a rat...
The rat takes the cheese...

Children can have great fun making up unique characters instead (The elephant takes the mouse...) of sticking with the traditional version.  As long as the final verse ends with whatever it is "standing alone," it will all work out.

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