Once Upon a Time Bible for Little Ones

The Bible is not a fairy tale. Every great story happened once upon a time and this little board book shares the greatest story of all with your children!

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The other day, this arrived in the mail:

We'd already experienced the Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible and NIV Once Upon a Time Holy Bible, so I was curious to see how this version for the tiniest tots stacked up.

I just love how so many of the current children's Bibles have been coming out with versions for different age ranges. Once you find the series that is the best fit for your family, it's easy to transition from the early board book to the storybook Bible to the full Bible over the years, keeping the illustrations and themes consistent as you do.

I also find it interesting to see how even though there are certain stories that all children's Bibles contain (Creation and Noah's Ark, for example), there are some that are featured in just a few -- Hannah's story is one of the more unique selections in this Bible.

I love how Hannah's story is included because I think it's often overlooked in children's Bibles.

As with the other versions, this Bible features plenty of engaging graphics for each of the eight stories.

The illustrations are more realistic than other children's Bibles, but still simple and engaging for wee ones at the same time.

This is a classic padded-cover board book, so that means that it's great for babies and toddlers -- how wonderful to start introducing God's Word to them at such at early age!

The padded cover has foil lettering, too!

Get your own copy here
and help introduce your little ones to the tales of real people in the Bible!

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