Project Snapshot - Week 194

Each week, Project Snapshot captures a memory from the past few days - either with a camera, words, or both.  

Time passes in the blink of an eye - see which treasured memory will join the year's collection for this week:

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My Snapshot(s)

This last week and a half has totally thrown me off of my routine.

First we spent all our time preparing for Irma, then we sat through Irma (which was, thankfully, nothing as bad as we expected) and then we spent all our time cleaning up from Irma.

It was good that everyone took this storm so seriously and smart for us all to have prepared so well, but this storm didn't come close to doing the kind of damage I experienced back in 2004.

We didn't even lose power at our house for more than a short time -- and I was fully expecting to be without it for a week, even if no other damage occurred. (Not that the everyone was so lucky -- a ton of people in the area just had their power restored yesterday!)

So most of our time was spent putting everything we'd squeezed into our house back out onto the porch and unpacking all the important papers and items that we'd packed into bins and set up off the know, fun stuff like that.

We also had part of our fence blown down and, of course, a ton of limbs littering our yard. 

We managed to prop up the sections of our fence that blew down...and are still trying to decide whether to repair it all or re-do it, but man, was that main two-panel section heavy to lift up!

This debris pile doesn't seem all that massive from the photo...until you notice that it reaches to the top of the 6-ft-high fence, stretches about 30 feet across and actually fills up a 1-ft depression that was once known as our garden...G needed it all out of the way so he could mow, so the garden was the spot to cover. Now he's not sure he'll deal with dragging it all out by the road for the storm teams to pick up, not just because of the time that would take, but because he's got visions of creating a huge bonfire...
You know, it's really nice having a ton of ginormous trees around your house...until you have to clean up from them!

Hopefully I can get back into my groove again this week, especially since G finally went back to work at school, after they re-opened today. (Gv and I loved spending all that extra time with him, but it was like the never-ending weekend...)

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