Good Night Tales by C.S. Fritz

Enhance your bedtime-story routine with this imaginative collection of adventures through Scriptural truths!

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I had assumed that this title would be filled with the typical assortment of familiar bedtime stories, like these family favorites, but boy, was I wrong.

When this gorgeous book arrived, I realized immediately that it would become a unique addition to our home library!

Filled with beautiful, vivid illustrations that remind me of this Christmas classic, I soon understood that this book was special.

The cover first suggests that magic is contained inside:

The book jacket is richly decorated with foil accents.

When you crack open the cover, the endpapers conjure up images of a great adventure through an imaginative land, just like in a Tolkin novel.

I'm a sucker for maps of any sort, but especially love flipping back to one for orientation while reading a book like this!

Even the Table of Contents helps you realize that this book filled with unique stories set in a forest realm just might become the next great set of fairy tales of our time -- and remember, fairy tales are incredibly important to a child's development!

These twelve, interconnected tales will take you on a wonderful journey with your child.

But while these twelve stories indeed ooze with fantasy -- tales of trolls and treasures, of crickets and songs, and of elves and giants, you quickly begin to see God's redemptive story woven throughout each and every one.

Jesus often told stories to help people understand the truths He was teaching. This book does the same thing, reimagining Scripture in a fantastical way.

You'll find this done with Psalms, parables, and even in the people of Israel asking for a new king.

It's easy to immediately see the biblical connections within these stories!

At the end, you'll find a "Going Deeper" section, which includes several discussion prompts for each story, all of which direct you to read a specific, related Bible passage.

I appreciate how these questions are included separately at the end of the book, ensuring  the continuity of the book's storyline remains intact.

You could spend quite a bit of time going over each of these questions with your child after reading each tale, but I think it would be better to choose a different one to unwrap each time you cycle through the book.

Like the books by that other great writer whose name begins with C.S., I feel this collection of stories is timeless, perfect for toddlers and elementary school-age children and enjoyable for all ages.

Grab a copy for your family here and add this new classic to your bedtime-story rotation!

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