The Trust Protocol by Mac Richard

Trust is a fragile gift and the glue that binds people together. This book helps you deal with trust issues to experience the genuine connections we're created to have. 

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I have had some pretty devastating things happen in my life that have resulted in my having trust issues.

These issues have caused me to put up walls and, at times, close myself off completely to any real semblance of life. 

I have made great strides in this area and have even taken a few major leaps of faith in trusting others once again. However, I suspect there will always be a battle going on inside of me with regard to trust.

That's why I felt so hopeful when this arrived for my review:

Author Mac Richard immediately pulled me in with his personal story about a friend's trust that went south, but he didn't linger there. Instead he promised that the rest of the book would be about what happened after that point when trust was broken.

Richard doesn't waste any time jumping into the meat of his message. Immediately following the opening, he launches into an explanation of just what The Trust Protocol is.

He warns that it is hard work and that things will get messy, but that it will all be worth it in the end as we forge credibility through integrity and action.

This book is filled with humorous biblical insights on how to:

  • process the pain of betrayal
  • prioritize relationships and work
  • discern whom to trust 
  • decide when and how to move on
  • deploy trust in even the harshest environments
  • develop active integrity

Although all of the wisdom shared about these topics is helpful and enlightening, I think the biggest take-away for me was Richard's stress that God embodies both grace and truth, and that basing your life on this means truly living.

If you've ever had your trust broken and are looking for a good book to contemplate over the start of the new year, then pick up a copy for yourself here and learn the key to building stronger families, teams and businesses.

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