Called to Create by Jordan Raynor

Consider your vocation from both a creative and biblical standpoint in this unique book! 

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I enjoy being creative, so this title quickly caught my eye:

I was intrigued by the idea that since we are created in the image of a creative God, this trait often permeates our lives. This thought makes sense, but it's not one I've often considered, so I was interested to read more about how we can be more creative.

This book didn't turn out to be what I expected on this topic at all, but that didn't prevent me from enjoying it.

It mainly focuses on the world of entrepreneurship, but really made me stop and think about all the ways we can be entrepreneurs in our own lives.

Author Jordan Raynor not only shares his own vast experience in this area, but shares the stories of more than 40 other Christian entrepreneurs -- some incredibly famous and others quite obscure.

To do this, he takes a "show" rather than "tell" approach to answering a list of questions that Christians are faced with when considering entrepreneurship, ranging from what it looks like to create and glorify God to the purpose of profit.

The book is divided into four parts. Part one takes a deeper look at God's creative character and explores what the Bible has to say to help us discern our calling.

Part two showcases what following this call actually looks like, while part three deals with the challenges that are specific to Christian entrepreneurs.

Part four moves on to the future and what long-term goals should result from following the First Entrepreneur into this venture.

I liked the easy style of this book. I read it quickly and while I have no immediate plans to go out and develop the next new Chick-fil-A, I found all of the stories very interesting and motivating.

If you've ever been interested in starting something new on your own (blogging, the arts, an Etsy shop), then this book is perfect for you to read -- the author even developed a free study journal that you can download and work through as you read the book!

This book looks at entrepreneurship from a Christian standpoint, but it's perfect for any Christian who is interested in considering his or her career from a creative standpoint. Pick up a copy for yourself here and activate your inner entrepreneur today!

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