Faithgirlz Glimmer & Shine by Natalie Grant

This unique 365-day devotional will help your pre-teen girls be more confident and have more fun when they follow Jesus!

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I have to confess something. When this book arrived for my review, I had a little breakdown:

Glimmer & Shine

You see, when I first pulled the book out of the shipping box, I pigeon-holed it into the "teenager" category and figured it wouldn't be something Gv would use until a decade from now.

But then, as I flipped through its pages, I realized that this book is meant for pre-teens, which then dawned on me is the 8-12 age range, and that led me to realize that this is a book Gv will use in three years' time.


I have enjoyed every moment with her and have declared each new age and stage "the best," but I wonder how long that trend will continue...

Of course, once my mini-breakdown ended, I could see that this was a really fun book.

I  love the design of this cover. All those colorful little splatters are glossy on the matte aqua background, which to me lends just the right amount of pizazz and girly-ness, without being too frilly!

Gv even asked if she could start using it right away, since it's full of not only great readings and wisdom and Bible verses and prayers, but pages to color, quizzes to take and puzzles to solve, too!

Weekend pages remind girls of the week's focus while providing them with a bit of fun to engage in during their reflection.

Each day of the year gets its own page and while the weekday pages follow a more traditional devotional format (Bible verse, devotional reading, closing prayer), the weekend pages are full of fun activities and journaling spaces that allow your gal the chance to better reflect upon the teachings of the week and how they might apply in her own life.

Here you can see the "typical" weekday devotional on the left, along with a fun weekend page on the right.

The book itself is really attractive for girls of all different personalities. It's feminine and fun without being too girly, and the varied-tone color palette on the pages inside creates interest without coming across as too juvenile for this want-to-grow-up-but-still-have-kid-fun age.

There's a handy ribbon to make turning to each day's spot a breeze and help your special girl get started on her life-changing adventure with God on a daily basis.

I think this book would make a great preteen girl birthday gift! You can find it here and help a special Miss in your life learn to grow in faith and trust God!

Do you find it difficult to put your hands on a great devotional for this age range? That time when they don't want the "little kid" books, but aren't quite ready for the mature material covered in a teen volume?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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