NIV God's Treasure Bible

From golden promises to priceless stories, the NIV God’s Treasure Holy Bible shows children the incredible treasures of God’s Word!

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Children love searching for hidden treasure, so I thought it was so clever to design a children's Bible around that theme:

NIV God's Treasure Bible

This Bible sends elementary-aged readers on a hunt for Treasure Verses, introduces key Pearls of Wisdom stories for them to read, and helps them learn more about each book of the Bible with X Marks the Spot introductions.

All the info you need for each book right here, in a nutshell!

It also contains 8 pages of full-color maps of the biblical world to help them see the geography of what they're reading about.

I think the inclusion of maps is sooooo important in a Bible!

12 illustrated pages are filled with important Bible takeaways that cover extra content like key Bible characters, God's promises, and bonus Treasure Verses.

I like these pages -- they would make great homeschool lessons for each month -- because they help kids understand some of the most important concepts in the Christian faith!

The ribbon marker helps them keep their place and the index makes it easy to find all of the Treasure Verses in one place!

This just screams "memory verse work" to me! (I love it when the work is done for me!)

I'm always amazed at how creatively Bibles for children are themed and this is one of the neatest ones I've come across!

I just love how this Bible is framed in the light of great treasure! Glossy foil accents make this cover really appealing!

What better way to introduce youngsters to really using the Bible for themselves than sending them on a hunt for all the amazing treasures and wisdom contained inside!

You can find this clever Bible here and send your kids off on a hunt for the most priceless treasure they'll ever encounter!

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