NIV Beautiful Word Bible for Girls

Discover God's Word through 500 gorgeously illustrated verses! 

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I received a free copy of this product as a member of Zondervan's Z Blog Squad in exchange for writing a review.  All opinions are my own.

When this Bible arrived I first thought it was one that I'd already reviewed (and loved), but with a slightly different cover design:

NIV Beautiful Word Bible for Girls

I didn't even notice a particular word missing from its title because as soon as I slipped off the cardboard protector sleeve, I was in love with the vibrant colors of the cover underneath.

I'm loving this color combination so much, I want to decorate a room in my house with it!

I quickly flipped through the pages, but still didn't notice the main difference between this book and the other one.

Have you noticed the difference yet? I was too busy soaking up this rainbow-colored page to realize it myself.

I started to wonder if the highlighted verses were the same in both Bibles (they're not), but then I flipped to this page and realized what makes this Bible different from the other.

Oh,look! This is in color! Oooooh, it's not a coloring Bible at all, it's just a gorgeously illustrated Bible!
The more I flipped through the pages, the more I laughed at how long it took me to realize the difference, but I also fell more in love with this version's sumptuous graphics.

I love how these pages are so well color-coordinated, too!

I kind of feel like this is a Bible to pamper you -- to give you that spa-day experience and allow you to really relax and enjoy your time with the Lord.

Pretty, pretty pages throughout!

But besides its beauty, this Bible's single-column text and extra-wide, lined margins for holding plenty of notes also makes it a great choice for any girl who is wanting to delve deeper into the meat of those pages.

Plenty of space to add all sorts of reactions to the text!

This Bible is bursting with brilliance and is one that's just begging for gals to tote around everywhere and spend plenty of time with.

I love the artwork and highlighted verses so much, I'm wanting to frame some of them to hang up around the house!

And just like the coloring version, even though this Bible is marketed to target the tween-aged girl, I feel like its appeal extends anywhere from younger elementary-aged girls all the way through adulthood -- in fact, I'm pretty darn sure I'm going to keep both Bibles for myself instead of sharing them with Gv... least until she gets a little bit older...

If you have a young lady in your life who would enjoy a Bible full of beauty like this one, then grab your own copy here!

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