God's Big Plans for Me Storybook Bible by Rick Warren

Help children grow closer to God and discover the purpose for their own lives with this new storybook Bible from Pastor Rick Warren! 

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It seems like ages since The Purpose Driven Life came out and was the book everyone was talking about and reading, but now there's a new storybook Bible to introduce those principles to children:

God's Big Plans for Me Storybook Bible

There are so many ways you can use this book with your family: read through the stories like any other Bible (the stories featured are the typical ones found in a Bible like this), use it as a devotional and focus on the questions at the end of each story, or work through the book in 40 days, focusing on Warren's foundational principles as the topic of study to introduce your kids to the idea of living life with a purpose.

I really like the way each principle is applied to the different stories in the Bible and feel it helps these concepts really come alive for kids.

I also appreciate the way the ending thoughts are laid out, encouraging children to think about the main point of the reading, remember a key Bible verse for the day, and then ponder how to apply the principle to their own lives.

Because of my reviews, we've been blessed with quite a few different storybook Bibles, but Gv enjoys reading from all of them on a daily basis. Each one contributes something unique and helps her gain a greater understanding of God.

This book would make a wonderful addition to your collection, as its particular focus will not only enrich your child's understanding of the Bible, but help foster a purpose-driven mindset for his or her life.

I feel this Bible is best for children ranging from preschool age up through the elementary years. You can get your own copy of this resource here!

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