NIrV Seek and Explore Holy Bible

An engaging, colorful Bible for kids that encourages them to hunt for God's treasure while using nine unique ways of learning!

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I hesitated to bring yet another children's Bible into our house, but the second Gv saw this book, she wanted to dive in and start reading it:

From the get-go, this Bible is oozing with appeal for kids. Fun animal characters on the cover and color-coded pages promise that exploring its contents will be worth it.

I was super-excited about the ends of the pages -- the colors show the different sections of writing in the Bible

We have two NIrV Bibles that Gv uses the most already (this translation is written at a third-grade reading level for developing readers), but I suspect this one will quickly take over first-place for her everyday use.

Each book is introduced with background information to make understanding more clear.

Besides providing the text of the Bible, this book aims to lead children on an exciting journey through the story of God's people in a unique way.

Explanations are given throughout the Bible, helping youngsters better understand the text.

Kids will begin the treasure hunt at base camp, where they learn how all the different parts of the Bible fit together and are introduced to the nine Wayees. These nine animal characters each utilize one of the nine different learning styles (logical reasoning, emotional engagement, inter- and intrapersonal, kinesthetic and nature are a few) and weave activities throughout the book which help kids complete their hunt and walk The Way.

I couldn't believe this entire Bible was in full color!

The reader next sets off on the chosen Wayee's treasure hunt. Each book of the Bible is introduced and then background information and Wayee activities are scattered throughout the text.

These treasure-hunt sections provide fun activities, based on nine different learning styles.

Besides utilizing such a readable translation, this Bible also features single-column text, child-friendly maps and full-color pages to make the experience easier for children.

This colorful map provides a bit more information than most on this time period.

This map connects events in Jesus' life to where they took place.

Some of the most important Bible verses are listed here.

If you're looking for a children's Bible with tons of kid-appeal that proves learning more about God can be a fun adventure, then this book is the perfect choice! Pick up your own copy here and send your little adventurer on the treasure hunt of a lifetime!

Have your children had a chance to explore the Bible on their own in such a fun way?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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