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If you're looking to advance your Bible study to a more serious, systematic approach, then these two affordable workbooks are just what you need:

I love study books and getting to know a subject better -- and I especially love new opportunities to learn something new about the Bible.

Gv loves learning more about the Bible, too, and so when I came across these resources, I thought they would be a perfect addition to our homeschool.

But when they arrived, I was disappointed, because I quickly realized that the material seemed fairly dry and straightforward and most likely not something I could introduce to Gv, at her age.

I'm now debating whether I'd like to go ahead and complete the workbooks now myself, or wait and do them together with Gv when she gets older.

However, once I started really examining the pages (and not just flipping through them), I could see that the goal of these workbooks is not to provide a comprehensive study of the entire Bible, but merely to build a good foundation of background knowledge which the student can use to build upon with further study.

Turns out, these workbooks were originally published in the early 1940s, which explains the simplicity of the material a bit. But the content is timeless, and the questions are posed in such a clear manner that it's pretty refreshing in this day of distractions.

I've even started wondering if I could go through them both and create a "kidified" version to go ahead and use with Gv now...we'll see if I ever get around to it, but that's just the sort of thing these books have inspired me to do.

So, even though I'm disappointed in them, it's not due to anything being wrong with the books themselves, just that I wish they were better suited for where we are in our homeschool journey today.

I either just need to be patient and use them later, or take their inspiration and create something useful for us for now.

With all that being said, I would not recommend these workbooks for early homeschool use. They seem to be potentially helpful for high schoolers, but since I'm not working with that age right now, I'm not sure of their appeal at that age, either.

I would recommend these workbooks for adults -- especially those who don't want a lot of fluff, but are looking for clear, straightforward questions to research and consider in order to better build background knowledge of the Bible.

If you like lists and working through projects in a systematic manner, then these books are right up your alley.

Each workbook includes detailed maps, helpful exercises, and thousands of questions. There's an introduction and overview of the Bible as a whole, overviews of the main books of both testaments, author backgrounds, literary themes, timing information, key texts, and outlines. The material is also presented in chronological order, which makes it helpful for historical orientation.

These books are indispensable tools for anyone wanting to take their study of the Bible seriously. They are comprehensive, but not overwhelming, and sure to enrich your study at home or with a group at church. Pick up copy of the Old Testament here and the New Testament here to get you started on your way!

Are you the type of person that a workbook like this would appeal to, or would you prefer a slick, colorful, illustration-filled version with lots of pizazz?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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