Memory Making Mom, by Jessica Smartt

Easy ideas to help you create traditions that breathe life into your home!

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Although I usually always enjoy little "idea books" like this one, sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming:

What often starts off as a book full of amazing and inspiring ideas quickly turns into a disheartened attitude as you add all of the new, overwhelming, "must-do" ideas to your already-packed to-do list, resulting in plenty of mom guilt and discouragement.

But I'm here to tell you that this little gem is not like those books!

Oh, it's still full of plenty of ideas, but with none of the guilt.

Author Jessica Smartt just gets this mom thing.

In these pages, she certainly encourages you to add all sorts of traditions to your family's culture, but she does it in a very realistic way.

You don't have to let budget constraints, a packed schedule, or complete exhaustion hold you back from incorporating adventures into your days with your kids.

No, even the smallest, most seemingly-insignificant little added touches to mundane events can become special with just a little bit of consideration.

The pieces of your memory-making puzzle might look totally different from those of your family and friends, but Smartt stresses that creating traditions that bring joy and significance are just what families are longing for today.

And they don't have to be over-complicated, either.

She offers over 300 ideas for how you can accomplish this, ranging from topics like food and holidays to spontaneity and faith.

Even if none of her specific ideas tickle your fancy, they'll be sure to provide the spark needed to help you develop your own traditions, those that meet the needs of your family best!

Smartt closes each chapter with a list of things to consider as well as a list of things to do. The appendix includes additional ideas to help get you on your way as a memory-making mom!

This book is a fun, quick read that will inspire you to look for ways to incorporate more traditions into your family's days. Grab a copy here and begin bringing more joy and significance into your daily life!

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