Shiny Things by Amanda Bacon and Anne-Renee Gumley

It's never too late to take hold of what's most important. Today's a great day to start!

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There's just not enough time!

But mothering has been going on for ages and it's not the amount of time that's changed, it's the distractions. It's aaaaall the shiny things:

Honestly, sometimes it's hard to tell whether all the great technology that's out there is really making our lives better or not.

There are so many ways that it all improves our lives and ability to communicate, but at the same time, it often drives us to distraction.

Nowadays, a mom's attention is being pulled in so many directions that it's easy to lose sight of our true priorities.

Authors Amanda Bacon and Anne-Renee Gumley don't claim to have everything figured out, but they teamed up to write this book as a resource for moms who have a desire to resist the pull to be interrupted by non-essentials and focus on God and their priority people instead.

I honestly can't think of anyone who lives in this day and age who wouldn't benefit from reading this book.

I think everyone would love to keep the threat of distractions at bay to help make it easier to live lives full of intention.

This book addresses the various distractions of the day -- and some of them are good things, like jobs, sports, volunteer work, hobbies, friends -- and provides encouragement to help you keep your priorities in the right order.

Honoring God and loving our families are most likely the highest items on every mom's list, but then life just gets. in. the. way.

Reading this quick little book will empower you to identify and overcome your distractions rather than give into the belief that you're powerless to make a change and will never achieve peace in your home.

Bacon and Gumley will help you assess your busy schedule and take your first steps at avoiding distractions to keep your list of valuable priorities at the top.

Although I read the book in one sitting (totally doable, if you find yourself with a decent bit of time), I love how the authors have broken everything up into bite-sized chunks so that you can glean a ton of advice from its pages even if you only have 2 sips' worth of coffee to yourself each day.

This is a book you'll want to own and cycle through often. First, you'll read it and realize how many distractions are throwing off your days. You'll want to make a change.

Next, you'll want to read through it again, highlighting all the specific, helpful pearls of wisdom that are packed into its pages.

Finally, you'll want to read through it bit-by-bit, over time, to continue to remind yourself of the habit changes that you want to make in order to keep your priorities in the right order.

This is where those bite-sized chapter chunks will come in handy, as you'll get a daily dose of cheerleading to encourage you as you live through your days.

This is a book you'll want to make time to read, highlight, and read again to help you better live your life with intention and purpose. Pick up a copy for yourself (and all your friends!) here and free yourself from the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed!

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