M.O.M. by Kristi Clover

Simple solutions to organize chaos and bring more joy into your home!

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I was immediately drawn to this book because of its cover:

I have to be honest, I love these rainbow-arranged brick pieces so much, I have just propped this book up on my desk so I can stare at it all day.

It just makes me SO happy to look at all those ordered colors, I feel like the book is a complete success in organizing my mayhem without even cracking open its pages!

However, the insides of this thing are pretty great, too.

I love reading books about organizing (those who can't, read about it, right?) because organizing is one of my best calming strategies in life, so I figured I'd enjoy the book.

While author Kristi Clover fills the pages with loads of suggestions and tips on how to have a more streamlined home, I think what she most excels at is her approach to going about it.

Kristi mentions several other popular and enjoyable organizing books (like this one that I reviewed and also loved), but makes sure to explain her own "glean and tweak" technique, encouraging moms to not just blindly follow one person's organizing advice, but to take everything into account and personalize it to fit your life and family's needs.

She also very much tries to impart help with setting up your own organization system, using foundational rules that are highly adaptable.

To do this, Kristi helps you prioritize, break down big jobs, declutter, develop age-appropriate chores for your kids, tackle the endless piles of laundry and more, all while sharing plenty of encouragement and support along the way.

Another bonus to this particular organizing gem is that Kristi provides you with the access to a ton of helpful free printables on her kristiclover.com website when you follow the instructions in the book.

She's also turned this book into a workbook by including plenty of space for taking notes, questions, tips, cheerleading...

I just love all these little interactive touches!

If you're looking for new ways to organize your home and life or even just enjoy geeking out thinking about organizing, then this book is a great choice.

Grab it for yourself here and implement simple solutions to organize chaos and bring more joy into your home!

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