NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers: Polar Exploration Edition

An easily-readable and extremely popular Bible for kids, now in a frosty new theme!

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If your child has graduated from the story Bible stage and is ready to begin studying the real thing, then this is a fun, appealing choice:

Gv and I were unfamiliar with the other Adventure versions of this Bible, but the fact that it matched this storybook Bible she was already smitten with made her want to keep this book immediately, as well. 

"Keep all the Bibles!" she shrieked, when I told her she needed to cull the stack on her shelf to just a few, but I could quickly see how we'd most likely be finding space to fit this one in, as well.

Even the back cover does a great job getting you jazzed to open up this book and begin exploring!

Seriously, this Bible is bursting with features that will appeal to all the young readers in your house:

  • Its shiny cover grabs your attention, covered with sparkly foil accents.
  • It uses the New International Reader's Version (NIrV), which is written at a third-grade reading level.

  • The entire thing is packed full of full-color images of polar animals and icy landscapes, which keep the book from being drab and boring (not that the text is at all drab or boring, but plain Bibles can be a bit overwhelming for little readers).
  • The appendices include a subject index, dictionary, and the typical color maps, but also a map index, which helps locate specific places in the Bible on those common maps.

  • Each book is introduced in an interesting way that provides important information about the who, what, where, when and whys of the book.
  • Words to Treasure boxes are scattered throughout the pages, highlighting great verses to memorize.

  • Did You Know? boxes also point out all sorts of interesting small facts that are found in the Bible and the People and Life in Bible Times articles offer all sorts of bonus facts, as well.

  • Large Live It! sections suggest hands-on activities that kids can do to help apply biblical truths to their lives.

  • There are 20 thick, glossy, full-color pages that focus on topics like famous children of the Bible, how to be a Christian, and how to pray.

Even the opening pages that explain how to put all these great features to use and what's special about the NIrV translation are fun and exciting to read.

There are a lot of great Bibles out there tailored to kids (trust me, we've got a whole shelf full of them!), but this is definitely a good one to consider choosing.

It's great for both boys and girls, is filled with color, and packed with plenty of extra information that informs, without being too overwhelming.

If this all this frosty fun looks good to your little polar explorers, then grab it here and cozy up for some Bible time!

Do your kids have the same "Keep all the Bibles!" problem that Gv does?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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