7 Feasts by Erin Davis

Better understand the cultural significance and how these seemingly obscure Old Testament feasts relate to the rest of the Bible in this 8-week study!

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I was intrigued when I learned about this new Bible study focused on The Seven Feasts of Israel:

While I had a general familiarity with what they were each about and have friends and family who have shared details about their own celebrations of these occasions, I kind of always figured they didn't really apply to anyone who wasn't still connected with Jewish faith and culture.

Whenever I've slogged read through that portion of Leviticus 23 that focuses on these feasts, I just kind of figured they were in there so we could understand things from more of an historical perspective and relate better to our Jewish brethren.

Author Erin Davis, however, proposes that they are so much more.

She asserts that when you have completed this study, you will better understand that every part of God's Word matters deeply because all of it shows who God is.

Therefore, not only will this journey be an interesting exploration of a much-overlooked section of the Bible, but it will provide new glimpses of God's character -- and as Christians, don't we all want to know Jesus better?

Shouldn't the greatest quest of our lives be to love Him more and more?

I am just setting out along this book's path toward a deeper understanding of God myself and so don't have a ton of insight as to what Erin Davis divulges in the pages, however, in glancing through the book and reading through the introduction, I can already tell a few things:

1) She writes in an easy, relatable style that gives me hope that this study of a dry topic will be more fun than I'd expect.

2) She has made this a truly interactive workbook, full of not only the expected "lesson blurbs" and reflection questions, but plenty of "research-style" promptings as well, which will force me to do much of the work of learning myself, rather than sitting back passively and having it spoon-fed right into my mouth.

That second one is a bit intimidating, because my lazy-self doesn't always feel like doing more work, but I also know deep down inside that this means I will come away from the study having truly digested and internalized my findings.

I encourage you to join me in this study. Go ahead and step away from the common Bible-study topics and try something a little different!

Grab your copy here along with some fun pens (these are my favorite, cheap go-to pens) and a good study Bible (like this one I've been using the past few years) and get to know God a little better!

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