Take Back Your Life by Levi Lusko

A forty-day interactive journey that will help you identify and fight your internal battles—so you can take back your life. 

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I hadn't been aware of author Levi Lusko's work, but I figured this interactive journal might be a good way to get acquainted with him:

Described as an "intimate self-analysis tool," this journal sets out to help you recognize what's holding you back and guide you to start thinking right, so you can live right.

Its 40-day interactive journey reminds me a bit of this title, as does its promise to help you find purpose by discovering that God will do great things with your life.

However, I think what interested me most about this book is that it will help you learn that your pain doesn't have to be merely an obstacle, but an opportunity for God to use you to do great things.

Who doesn't have pain in their life, and who wouldn't be comforted by the thought of God using it for good?

I'd originally planned to begin working through this journal myself after wrapping up this devotional, but after reading the introduction and getting a taste of Levi Lusko's humor and writing style, I decided not to wait any longer and just jump right in.

Armed with my I-can't-believe-it-matches-exactly cheapo pen, I've already marked this book up a ton and I'm still just in the first week!

Plus, as a bonus for all you parents out there, you can grab this free 4-day devotional for kids (ages 8-14) to help them grow in confidence and adjust their thinking too. 

These two great resources are especially helpful in this weird season of uncertainty and loneliness that we're experiencing and will help explore what it looks like to bravely step into the victorious life God has planned.

Grab your copy of this journal here and turn your thinking around so you can begin living a better life today!

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