An updated version of this fabulous coloring Bible created especially for tween girls!

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I experienced a bit of déjà vu when this new Bible arrived:

Turns out, there was a reason I had that feeling -- even though the cover looked different and it arrived in a fancy-schmancy gift box, the innards are the same as this Bible Gv and I loved a couple of years ago.

You can read about all this Bible's features on my previous review post here, but there are two other fun additions to this version that had Gv so hyped-up with excitement, I've got to point them out.

The first addition is that this gift set comes with colored pencils -- and not just any plain old colored pencils, but twistable colored pencils!

I don't know about other little girls, but the one I have is all about the fun of twistables, whether it be crayons or colored pencils, or anything else that's out there or yet to be created that she hasn't managed to discover yet.

There are only four different pencils, but you've got the three primary colors and a bonus of purple, so really, what more do you need?

Besides the amazing pencils, this set also includes 6 pages of inspirational stickers. Stickers are always a win, but these take it up a notch, because, as Gv exclaimed, "Mommy! You can color them!"

OhMyGoodness, stickers you can color and twistables to color them with?

This Bible will surely be a huge hit with the gals in your house, too!

Order one here and enjoy seeing the excitement on the faces of your girls as they spend more time immersed in God's Beautiful Word.

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