100 Things to See or Do at the State Fair - Scavenger Hunt & Free Download!

Last weekend we took part in a fun family tradition - attending the opening weekend of our state fair!  We were so excited for Gv to have her first fair experience and hoped it would be a day she and her cousins would enjoy.  This year, we decided to add another level of fun into the mix with a "State Fair Scavenger Hunt."  We had a blast searching for everything on the list and capturing photos of as many items as we could:
#31 - Strangest Homemade Clothing Item:  Dress made out of dryer sheets!

The girls even created matching "I Love Pig Racing" shirts to wear for item #42:
#42 - See the Pig Race

While I'm sure some of the items on this list are unique to our particular state fair, I decided to create this free download for you so you could add some extra fun to your fair experience as well.  Just click here to download it and print it out!

Click Here to Dowload Scavenger Hunt

You could even turn this scavenger hunt into a competition!  We were originally going to compete against the rest of our family, but Gv's cousins decided it would be more fun to all search for the items as one big group. However you decide to conduct your hunt, make it full of silliness and take lots of pictures to remember the day:
#48 - Photo in a Head-Cut-Out Board

I know our state fair kicks off the season for the rest of the country, so here's to a great year of fried food, crazy rides, smelly animals and fun games when yours rolls around!  
#43 - Eat a Corn Dog

Oh, and our score was 69.  See if you can beat it "hunting" with your family and friends!  I'd love to hear all about your day, either by leaving a comment here or emailing me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.
#56 - Silliest Goat