My 10 Favorite Figure Skating Moments at the Sochi Olympics

Now that the figure skating events have ended, I've composed a list of my favorite clips from Sochi (although most of these YouTube clips are from prior performances).  Some of these moments might not show up on the list of someone outside the figure skating community, but since I'm a Professional Figure Skating Coach and former competitive skater, I tend to have a bit of a unique view on the subject.

1.  Jason Brown's free skate to Riverdance (and not just because I'm a HUGE Riverdance fan!):

2.   Yuzuru Hanyu's Rocker entrance into his Triple Axel (look for it around 2:10 on this video):


3.  Hurtado & Diaz's short dance:

4.  Hurtado & Diaz's free dance:

5.  The short dances for all 3 American teams, but especially Davis & White’s:


6. ..and Chock & Bates:

7. Ilinykh & Katsalapov's short dance:

8.  Yulia Lipnitskaya's flexibility in her spin positions, especially the final two (2:40 on video):

9. Adelina Sotnikova's spins, particularly her one-handed Biellmann (3:48 on video):

10:  Carolina Kostner's Bolero program (Who else would dare to compete with the legacy of Torvill & Dean but an Italian?):


1.  The footage of Sotnikova's reaction backstage to the fact that she was the champion.

2.  The ladies' short programs, in general.  They were all so exciting and full of surprises (who would predict those standings at the end?) and I loved how it created more drama going into the free skate.

3.  Lipinski & Weir's comments during So Youn Park's program.  So Youn Park singled a triple/triple combination and they discussed how she could make something up on the fly, which she did.  I loved this because it's something that I drill into my students - we're always discussing contingency plans throughout the program in case something goes awry, like switching out a jump or re-trying a spin during a period of "fluff" choreography.

So now we wait.  Who will provide us with the memorable moments in PyeongChang in four years?

What were your most memorable figure skating moments in Sochi?  I'd love to hear!  Leave your comment here or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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