7 Quick Takes in Which I Illustrate How it's Not Always Sunshine & Rainbows Around Here...

Remember my post the other day about our Cinco de Mayo tortillas?  Well, G arrived home that day to a wife who looked like this:
You see, what my post didn't share was the craziness that occurred while making those churros:
What better thing to wrap up our fun holiday meal than some homemade churros, I thought foolishly.  I scoured the web for some recipes, found a couple that I could play around with, and set to work.

I ground my wheat, mixed the batter, and realized that it was a total mess.  Way too runny.  I'll just add more flour, I figured.

I succeeded in getting the batter to a consistency I felt would work better for sticking in a Ziploc bag to pipe out in that classic churro star shape...

Ahem.  Yep, just like I'd imagined.  I started piping the batter out - it was still too runny - and POP!  The bag exploded, oozing churro goo all over the baking sheet.

Okay, so they won't look like churros, but they'll probably still taste like it...
In the meantime, Gv had been pulling books off the bookshelf next to the kitchen:

A pain, for sure, but nothing too serious that couldn't easily be cleaned up when I'm done messing with the churro blobs and tortillas.
Ah, but then she did the leg hike, in an attempt to climb the bookcase.
Classic example of the leg hike.  In her mind, this maneuver gets you all places you want to go vertically.
Still got it all under control, though.  Squeezing out the last wanna-be churro with one eye on the little mountain climber...
Then I hear it.  Did I leave the faucet on, I wonder?  

Oh no.  

Oh no.  

Oh,  yes, that's exactly I'm hearing, trickling out of the gap between the diaper and the leg - still in leg-hike position - and of course landing on all those books and book jackets strewn about the floor.

Suddenly, I'm racing to wash the churro goo off my hands so I can grab Gv and get her on the changing table before more books become saturated.

The phone starts ringing.  It's G.  He's being his usual amazing hubby self by calling to make sure I don't need anything else from Sam's besides the greens he'd stopped to pick up after work.

"No!" I shout into the speaker on the phone, before hitting the "end" button with the-only-clean-pointy-spot-on-me-at-the-moment, my elbow.

The girl is now cleaned up, the books and jackets are hanging over the dining room chairs to dry, and the oven timer dings.  The churros are done!

Shake a little cinnamon and sugar over them and they're all ready to eat...
Loveliest churros I bet you've ever seen - Ha!
Tasty?  Not really.  And no, the fact that one churro came out of the oven broken off in a completely inappropriate shape did not escape our attention.  Look (not so) hard.  You'll see it.

I won't be making churros again.

But you know what?  I will be making something again, and the next time you read about it and wonder how I manage to do it all with a little one underfoot, just remember that more often than not, this is the way these things get done...

It's not always sunshine and rainbows around here, you know.

I'm joining Jen at ConversionDiary for her 7 Quick Takes Friday.  For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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