How We Cut Our Cell Phone Bill By $100 a Month!

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Note: I was not asked to write this post or influenced in any way by Consumer Cellular.  This post came about simply because we've been so excited about saving such a large chunk of money with our cell phone bill each month, I wanted you all to have that chance, too.

If you've been around me in person lately, you probably haven't been able to escape all my raving about our new cell phone plan.  We're just too excited about the fact that we've started saving $100 a month and no longer have to deal with an annoying contract!

I knew I wanted to pass this information along to you, so I sat down and wrote up my blog post.  As I finished writing it, it dawned on me that I should ask the company if they would do anything special for referring others to their service - and they said yes, so that's an exciting bonus!

Here's what benefits we're enjoying, after switching to Consumer Cellular:

1)  I now have a fancier phone (an older iPhone that we got off eBay - just make sure you get a 3GS or newer model for it to be compatible) 


2)  We now also have texting (which we didn't have before, although we found a way around it using Google Voice)  


3)  We still have a data plan (which we thought we'd have to get rid of when looking for ways to save money on our cell bill)


4)  We can still call each other (as well as whoever else is on our plan) for free!

Plus, when my mom's cell phone contract is up, we're planning to add her onto the account.  She'll bring her AARP membership along with her and get us all an additional monthly discount!

We love that there are no contracts and we can change our plan at any time.  

We don't really use our phones for data when we're in town because we can still get online with wifi, so if we need to look something up while out and about, we just find a hotspot and get on there.  But when we travel, we like to have more data options available.  All we have to do is call customer service and have them bump our plan up to a higher level of data for that month.  

The next month, we can bump it back down.  The same goes for our talk minutes, although we really just call each other and that's free, so I don't anticipate having to ever tinker with those.

We're so excited.

If you want to investigate this savings possibility for yourself, just go to Consumer Cellular's website.  If you end up deciding to make the switch to them and you want to help us both get an even better deal, then leave me a comment here.  I'll then be able to email you (no one else sees your email) a special link to click on to sign up with their service.  When you do that, we both get a $10 credit on our next bill!   How cool is that?

Also, you can use that same refer-a-friend deal for yourself and others, once you sign up for service with them.

Can you believe we cut our cell phone bill by that much a month?  I'm still just so excited about it all!  If you have any other money-saving tips, I'd love to hear them!  Also, don't forget to let me know if you might want to switch to Consumer Cellular yourself, because then we can both get a credit!  Leave a comment here or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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