Celebrating the Season: Isaac {Day 5}

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Songs to Get You into the Spirit of the Season


An album that is probably unfamiliar to everyone reading this, but well worth the listen.  The Very First Christmas features my church's former worship leader and includes music that he wrote himself.

Though there are only five songs on this album, this has become one of my favorite Christmas CDs (and not just because half of the band's musicians are my Facebook friends!)  I love Noel so much, but my favorite song is probably Beautiful Star (Shine On).

An Activity to Add to the Jolly Atmosphere

Hold an annual Christmas art extravaganza!  One of my favorite ideas for decorating for a holiday is to have everyone gather to create pieces of art to hang and enjoy all season long.  

Choose your favorite medium and see what inspiration hits you as you paint, draw, sculpt, or otherwise create memorable masterpieces to either pack away to reuse next year, or add to/replace on an annual basis.

Our plans this year are for acrylics on canvas.  We'll see what we all come up with...

Some Reading Sure to Garner a Great Response

I love, love, love this book!  I love everything about it - the fact that it's a form of my favorite game, the amazing illustrations, and the wonderful rhyming couplets that focus on the Nativity story are just a few of the reasons why.  B Is for Bethlehem needs to be included in every household's holiday book collection and I'm hoping to permanently add it to ours soon!

A Movie to Get You in a Merry Mood



Let the Christmas high jinks begin as you and your youngsters gather for a viewing of this fun movie.  Full of plenty of practical jokes the kids will love, Home Alone gives young and old a chance to share in some good old fashioned silliness surrounding the holidays.

Faith Focus to Put You in a Festive Frame of Mind

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Day 5 - Isaac
Read Genesis 22 and consider whether you would have passed the test.  Then read Hebrews 11:17-20 for a New Testament connection.

Today's study also includes a prophesy fulfillment.  Read Genesis 17:19 and 21:12, then Matthew 1:2 and Luke 3:34 to see how Jesus lives out Matthew 5:17 (see verse in graphic below) as a descendant of Isaac.

Add your ram sticker to the tree to serve as a reminder for today's verses.

What will you be doing to observe this fifth day of Advent?  Will there be any buddings artists at work in your home?  I'd love to hear!  Leave a comment or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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