Celebrating the Season: Joseph {Day 7}

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Songs to Get You into the Spirit of the Season


Many Christmas songs just scream for a powerful voice and These Are Special Times makes use of Celine's beautifully.  O Holy Night is a perfect example - I've always felt this song calls for a voice like hers, so in my mind it's certainly a smart choice to open the album.  My favorite song on the album, however, is Les Cloches du Hameau.  As I've shared before, I'm a sucker for world music, so this track makes my geeky self smile.

An Activity to Add to the Jolly Atmosphere

Take a Christmas photo each day, or at least several throughout the month.  One idea is to take photos that represent different traditions that are important to your family (I'm thinking lights, a special ornament, food, outfit), or, check out a list like this one.

Some Reading Sure to Garner a Great Response

These illustrations.  Just too adorable.  Even though this book isn't super-Christmasy (despite the title), it's a sweet tale of friends looking forward to Christmas time.  Duck & Goose, It's Time for Christmas! is definitely a  cute addition to your winter book stash.

A Movie to Get You in a Merry Mood

If you are in the mood for a little goofiness this season, then you'll want to watch Ernest Saves Christmas.  I don't know if Ernest showed up around the rest of the country much in the 80's, but he did these commercials for one of our local television stations that always cracked me up.  He pulls out many of his best characters for this movie, which was actually filmed in my hometown (it's always fun to see local sights pop up during a film).

I'm guessing this is one movie most people haven't seen.  Go check it out!

Faith Focus to Put You in a Festive Frame of Mind

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Day 7 - Joseph
Read Genesis 37 and 39-47.  Think about how God can use any situation for good and then compare Genesis 50:20 with Romans 8:28.  Consider these verses with regard to Jesus' crucifixion.

Add your coat of many colors sticker to the tree to serve as a reminder for today's verses.

What will you be doing to observe this seventh day of Advent?  Can you think of some photo opportunities you just have to capture for your family this Christmas?  I'd love to hear!  Leave a comment or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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