Celebrating the Season: Shepherds {Day 24}

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Songs to Get You into the Spirit of the Season

Lincoln Brewster applies his amazing guitar skills and a variety of song formats (including rap, rock, and a full orchestra) to create a stand-out Christmas album floating in a sea of sameness.  Joy to the World brings you some of the greatest music from this popular worship leader and will be one you turn to time and again.

An Activity to Add to the Jolly Atmosphere

Get out and see some lights!  When I was growing up, there were always these three specific streets that went all out and had amazing lights decorating all the houses.  

I think only two houses out of maybe a hundred didn't join in on the fun.  We'd drive over and check these out each year and I can still remember singing along with the Carpenters into my seat belt (you come up with ideas like this when you're an only child) and bouncing up and down in the backseat, pretending to be on a sleigh ride with Leroy Anderson headlining our driving soundtrack.

We'll probably just take a stroll around the neighborhood to see some great decorations this year, but I'm thinking about turning the activity into a scavenger hunt.  Gv is a bit young for the game, but I'm not!  I've found a couple of cute ideas here and here for you to check out for inspiration. 

Some Reading Sure to Garner a Great Response

It's the right night to read this silly story of all that can got wrong during Christmas preparations  The Night Before the Night Before Christmas is a fun take on the Clement C. Moore poem and its comical illustrations just add to the quirkiness of the story. 

A Movie to Get You in a Merry Mood

Snuggle up with your favorite first lobster and watch a movie that's bursting at the seams with huge stars, loads of laughs, and endearing moments.  I can remember when Love Actually came out in the theaters and the previews made me think that it was the last movie I'd ever want to see (I'm more of a mobster/spy/silly movie kind of gal), but somehow I finally did and it has become one of my favorite movies ever, as well as a special movie for me and G (he even recreated a personalized version of the messages-on-the-cards-at-the-door scene for me soon after he proposed.)  Is Christmas all around you?  Do you feel it in your fingers and your toes?  Either way, go watch this movie!

Faith Focus to Put You in a Festive Frame of Mind

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Day 24 - Shepherds
Read Luke 2:8-20 to see how important it was that even a bunch of shepherds in a field received the greatest birth announcement ever, first-hand.

Today's study also includes a prophesy fulfillment.  Read Psalm 72:9, then Luke 2:9 to see how Jesus lives out Matthew 5:17 (see verse in graphic below) by being worshiped by those who dwell in the wilderness.

Add your sheep sticker to the tree to serve as a reminder for today's verses.

What will you be doing to observe this twenty-fourth day of Advent?  Can you think of any other good Love Actually quotes?  I'd love to hear!  Leave a comment or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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