Project Snapshot Week 64

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The goal of this post is to capture a memory from the past week, either with a camera, words, or both.  Time passes in the blink of an eye and this will create a collection of treasured memories from throughout the year.

My Snapshot(s)

Lots of outdoor family fun this weekend and all I can say is that if it's this hot already in March, how will we survive the summer?

Of course, we always do, but still.  Why does it have to be so sweltering?  Can't we at least get a day or two of spring once in a decade?

We enjoyed a picnic of some of our favorite Greek food at a great local park, then explored some amazing chalk art masterpieces at a nearby art festival:

Gv and G returning from a stroll in the park.  You can't tell from this photo, but they're climbing what's considered a mountain by Florida standards (it's actually a midden ‐ woo hoo for lunch on a garbage heap!).

I was so wrapped up in trying to capture Gv's excitement over this chalk scene that I missed the 3D photo point just a couple feet back.  It still looks pretty cool, though.

Will we attempt another outside adventure, or just give up on the thought until those two random cool days return next January?

Check back soon to find out!

What was your favorite memory from this past week?  I'd love to hear about it!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.