Friday Frivolity: The Office Memes Edition + A Link-Up for All Things Fun, Funny, and Encouraging!

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Super excited this morning, because my bloggy friend Sarah Eliza asked me to guest co-host her hilarious Friday Frivolity link-up today!

She always starts things off with a ton of laughs and since G and I just finished watching the entire series of The Office last week, today's memes have given my belly a workout already.

If you're not an Office fan, then just scroll on by, but  these quotes come from early on in the show, and not at the end when every night's viewing was most likely preceded by a countdown of how many episodes were left before the silly thing was just over already.

Seriously, did anyone else think that was the longest drawn-out series ending in the history of television?

(Changing the memes to quotes-only at a later point):

"I'm an early bird & I'm a night owl. So I'm wise & I have worms."

 Ah, the wisdom of Michael Scott.

"Fact. You are reading this in my voice."
I totally did... and you did too, admit it...

"Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica."
I spent the entire re-watch of the series just waiting for this quote!

"It was a weird day. I accidentally cross-dressed."
Michael, we've all been there.  With the weird day part anyway...

"Are you free for dinner tonight. Yes. All right. Then it's a date. {smile by Pam}"
Sarah felt morally obligated to include this last one... because that was the moment when all of The Office Watchers on the planet sighed happily, shrieked "FINALLY!" at their TV sets, and maybe sniffled a little if nobody was watching.

Now on to the link-up! :D 

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We are so excited to welcome Lisa from Syncopated Mama as our guest co-host for this week!  Lisa is a hilariously awesome, fearlessly authentic blogger, on a mission to provide an "un-labelly spot" for all the proudly off-beat folks out there who have been wishing to find kindred spirits.  She shares her adventures building a natural home, teaching her adorbs daughter, establishing and refining positive communication skills, camping, creating, cooking, and so much more!  Her latest post is all about how to create a DIY "Year of Fun Gift Box," guaranteed to make Christmas last all year for the lucky recipients... free printables and detailed instructions included!  Please welcome her by hopping over and saying hi!!

 Drum roll for our feature please, chosen from the rule-following posts based on the number of readers' clicks! 

 Hurray for Alexandra from My Urban Family, with her collection of Free Inspirational Printables!  I have the below up on my wall right now... click through to print and see the rest!

We HAD to have a second feature this week because not only was this post hilarious, but the author, Jessica from Babi A Fi was also a fantastic party-goer, clicking, commenting, and connecting!  Her post is entitled The Top Seven Worst Things About Being An Adult and I heartily agree with all of them!

The pic, as you might have guessed, is of Jessica herself, pre-stressful adultiness ;)

Now time for the new stuff! 

This a link-up for all things funny, fun, encouraging, hopeful, and happy.  That includes free printables, giveaways, and other fun stuff to make us SMILE and start the weekend off on the right foot. 

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Were you an Office-Watcher?  What were your favorite moments, or which character made you laugh the most?  I'd love to hear about it!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.