Little Passports - The perfect way to introduce geography to your preschooler!

Give your child the gift of travel with this fun subscription service. It's never too early to introduce geography and make connections to our great, big world! 

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One of our most favorite things to do in the world is travel, but once Gv came along and our budget got tighter than ever, we've been pretty much limited to our monthly trips when we want to see the world.

That's why I was so excited to have the opportunity to review the Little Passports subscription!

I'd noticed this service shortly after Gv was born, but since they only had the world and USA editions at that time (which are tailored to elementary-aged children), I pretty much just forgot about them.

Somewhere along the line, I heard about the addition of the Early Explorers subscription for preschoolers, and I couldn't get online fast enough to check it out!

The fun began when the box arrived on our doorstep.

Gv was so tickled to learn that the package was actually addressed to her - and wasted no time in getting it open to investigate what was inside.

We first looked it all over, just to get a feel of the whole thing.

This first kit included everything Gv needed to get started on her adventures:  a fun orange suitcase, a large, sturdy map of the world, a luggage tag, a postcard, a welcome letter and preview of the next shipment, 3 sets of stickers and an activity book (her "passport.")

I'd been wondering what the quality of this kit would be like, but was very impressed once it arrived.  Each part was inviting - with bright colors, fun graphics, and wonderful attention to detail.

Gv couldn't wait to get started with it all, so we sat right down and got to it.

I read her the welcome letter while she applied the travel stickers (one for each continent) to the outside of her suitcase.  

It was pretty interesting to see where Gv applied all of her stickers - over the front, back, and edges!

We then talked about the postcard, with Gv flipping it over to add the stickers of Max, Mia and Toby to the back.

Next, she unfolded the giant map and we discussed the different continents before I showed her the proper way to fold up a map (you laugh, but this is quite the skill, people!)

I filled out her luggage tag for her and showed her how to attach it to the suitcase handle, then we were ready to crack open the activity book.

Although the quality was definitely top-notch, I was a little disappointed at the different activities in the book.

I guess they just seemed so similar to the many free printables and downloads I've found for Gv online, so I really wondered whether she would get much out of it.

Two and a half hours later, I didn't wonder about that any more!

I think it's the fact that everything matches so well and is just so engaging, but Gv sat there and went through each page - from start to finish - without having a clue that the afternoon had quickly turned to evening.

The activities were simple, but completely appropriate for the age.  I really liked how each page focused on a new location around the world.

The booklet began with a short story introducing us to the main characters, then Gv was able to apply continent stickers to the appropriate spots on the passport page.

These were some of the coolest stickers we'd ever seen - even though they were saturated with vivid colors, the actual stickers were clear! I loved how precisely Gv set the sticker on the "Europe" rectangle!

I liked how the instructions on the left-hand page used appropriately-colored fonts to describe how to color the pictures.

These two pages only asked for Gv to trace the outlines of a few unfinished items, but Gv decided to completely color them in after she did her tracing.

When she finally finished, I assumed we'd be packing everything back into the suitcase to sit on the shelf until the next installment arrived, but she has played with that thing every single day since it arrived.

You can't see it too well here, but she has since plastered her own stickers all over the suitcase, as well.

And woe to anyone crossing our threshold these days, because I can pretty much guarantee that Gv will be dragging that thing out and showing off each and every bit and angle to them, whether they care or not.

This is the routine: she opens the suitcase up and then proceeds to go through each and every item - describing them all very meticulously.
Practicing those map-folding skills!

This all boiled down to my calling Grammy and Papa right away to let them know I'd figured out how to completely check Gv off their Christmas list already.

This subscription is obviously perfect for your own children, but it would also make the most awesome gift for another child, as well - particularly in situations where the giver lives in a different location from the receiver!

I love gifts that keep giving all year long and I can't even imagine how excited Gv would be to realize that the fun would continue each month - what a special treat to look forward to!

Go check out all the great Little Passport products for yourself.  There's something for just about every age and your kids will love each month's special delivery!

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  1. I love seeing her so involved with this. How fun. And I love that she's learning too. She can take a trip each and every day to a different location. This will make your monthly trips all that more fun. I love the look on her face while she's reading the letter from the suitcase. What a great gift for any young child.

  2. I've always wanted to try this out! It looks so cool. I love monthly subscription boxes and ones wit kids activities, and GEOGRAPHY (a personal fav with history) epic.

    Thanks for sharing at Blogger Spotlight.