Project Snapshot - Week 156

Each week, Project Snapshot captures a memory from the past few days - either with a camera, words, or both.  

Time passes in the blink of an eye - see which treasured memory will join the year's collection for this week:

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My Snapshot(s)

My sister-in-law wanted me to turn this memento left behind into a Christmas ornament, but I'll skip the decoration taxidermy, thank you!

Oh, deer.

Our Christmas Eve-Eve began quite wonderfully, but things didn't end so well.

At least for Bambi.

G has been telling people we ran over Rudolph, but our trip home from an amazing light display in a nearby botanical garden was no laughing matter.

In fact, I was thanking Jesus all over Facebook for bringing us home safely that night. 

First, there was a pile of huge debris blocking our lane on a bridge, but thankfully everyone behind us was paying attention and we made it through the mess safely with no damage

Then, a car suddenly decided it wanted to take the exit we were on and I still don't know how it didn't plow into us or pull a "Patriot Games" (you know, ram their car into the "V" barrier at the apex), but we managed to escape harm's way there, as well.

It was probably less than 500 feet from the turn onto our street when we our close-call luck ended.

A deer slammed into my car, which of course sent Gv and I into fits of crying over the poor, dead animal we watched sail through the air in front of us, but also resulted in quite a bit of damage to my trusty Subaru.

It could have been much worse, but thankfully G did everything right to keep us safe in that situation, so although I'm now car-less for the week or two that they'll be tearing apart and rebuilding the front of my vehicle, we're very grateful to have made it home that evening in one piece!

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